Friday, 17 February 2017


Whilst we were all celebrating Valentines Day last Tuesday, one of our special friends was celebrating her birthday.  So please join me in wishing our dear friend Minelle a very Happy Birthday.

I know on the actual day there were a few hiccups to mar the occasion.  Hopefully once things have settled down and your Scotsman returns you can party hard.  In the mean time we will have   a cyber birthday to celebrate your special day.

Lets raise our glasses of champagne in a toast to the birthday girl.  To Minelle,  3 cheers.....

Can't have a party without cake

and presents.

Hope this cheers you up and you're feeling better soon.  Sending positive healing vibes your way. 

Best wishes Lindy and Bear xx

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Lilli's meme

I really, really love doing memes.  So when I saw  Lilli's meme I thought I've got to do that one.  So here goes.

Who's oldest?

Bear by 6 years and 7 months. 

Who was interested first?

Mutual interest as love at first sight.

Same High school?

No Bear always says he would have been working by the time I started high school.  We lived in different suburbs.

Most sensitive?

Guilty as charged.  I'm a sook.

Worst temper?

Probably equal.  We don't lose our temper too much.

More social?

Me, I love to go out and socialise.  Bear loves staying home and doing his own thing.

Most stubborn?

 Bear as once he's made up his mind he sticks to it.

Wakes up first?

Bear most mornings.  I'm a sleepy head.

Bigger Family?

Me I had 4 siblings where as Bear only has one.


My favourite flower is a blue iris.  Apart from what's growing here which is mainly roses I don't receive any flowers.

Who cooks the most?

Equal  I cook the vegetables and Bear does the bbq.

Cries more?

As above I'm a sook.  Bear doesn't cry.

Said I love you first?

Pretty sure Bear told me on our second date when he asked me to marry him.

Better singer?

Neither, we would both shatter a mirror.

Better driver?

Bear as he used to drive in his line of work so knows how to handle different road conditions.

Hogs the remote?

We don't watch tv so neither.

Better cook?

Bear as I take after my mum and tend to burn things.

Clothes And Shoe Hoarder? 

Me.  I actually got in trouble for this the other day.  Bear went through my drawers telling me to discard stuff.  He found things with price tags on I hadn't even worn.  Oops!

Thanks Lilli that was so much fun.

Hugs Lindy xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Happy Valentines Day everyone.  We haven't celebrated Valentines for so many years as Bear thinks its way too commercialised.  This year we plan to celebrate  with a special meal which I'm really looking forward to. Also I've bought a nice surprise for Bear, just hoping he enjoys it.

No matter how you are celebrating hope you are on the receiving end of a nice GG spanking

and some MFL to follow.

Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 10 February 2017

OOPS! Sorry Katie.

I'm sure you've all heard  me talking about my photo  challenge on numerous occasions and I've probably bored you to pieces.  Its just that it's so much fun to participate.  Anyway at the beginning of each month I usually add the new prompt list to my FB page and shout out to everyone to come join.

To my surprise at the start of this year three of our blogger friends joined me and its been a fabulous journey seeing their wonderful photos.   Surprise, surprise,   one of us has been getting herself into a bit of bother sneaking out of bed to take sunrise photos forgetting to feed Prof Snoops and texting her spanky man on time about flossing. 

Oops didn't mean to lead you astray by inviting you to join Katie t or is it a BIG T at the moment?


Hope there hasn't been too many times this has come into contact with your bottom.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Hugs Lindy xx


Thursday, 2 February 2017

An incident happened on  face book this week,  I was chatting with some friends after posting a photo of my latest project.  They told me about this new yarn caron cakes which has just arrived in Australia.  I said I already have two huge baskets full of yarn which belonged to both our mums and that Bear would skin me alive if I purchased anymore.  Yet they said hide it from him.

I don't know about you but Bear and I always discuss purchases now we are retired.  So I wouldn't go behind his back to buy something which is totally  unnecessary.  At the rate I'm going making things my daughters will be inheriting this wool and neither of them knit/crochet.

This made me think, have you ever sat across the table from your friends thinking that girl needs a darn good spanking?  Sometimes when I'm with some people it makes my skin crawl to see and hear the way they treat their husbands and get away with it. TTWD sure makes you stop and think about the respectful thing to say and do.  Rather than rushing around like a bull in a china shop, letting off full steam at your loved one.

I so wish I could talk to some of my friends to make them understand and see how this all works.  To tell them how it brings you so much closer and you feel deeply in love with your man.

On a nicer note my Bear used to be a boob man, not only mine but anyone's, in particularly Dolly Parton's  For the past few years he seems to be more interested in my bottom.  Whilst we were cuddling the other day he told me he loves squeezing, kneading and spanking  my bottom. I told him I'm an angel can't you see my halo.  Well apparently my halo is around my bottom, so needs polishing regularly to keep it sparkling.  How funny,  that man cracks me up!

Already the start of the second month of the year and the end of another week.  All the kids returned to school this week over here after the summer holidays.  Time flies by so fast its scary at times.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Awesome week

Its been a fabulous week down under.  Firstly with the pumpkin incident.

Thursday was Australia Day.  Bear and I had such a wonderful day relaxing and spending time together.  Bear prepared a delicious meal with bbq lamb steaks, followed by mini pavs he made from scratch. 

Thanks to our Katie and Rob I had an awesome cranberry martini with my dinner, whilst Bear had a beer in his own Papa Bear stubby holder


We finished the night with some spanky fun and MFL. 

Yesterday and today  has been glorious weather.  Friday must have been perfect air currents as there were heaps of hang gliders flying over our house.  This looked amazing  to us but the puppies obviously felt threatened barking no stop at them.

We had another cruise ship Europa,  in today so luckily Mother Nature played nicely by putting on her finest sunny day.  Along with the cruise ship there's Cirque Africa in town.  Bear and I headed out after lunch to go buy tickets for a 1pm session.  On arrival we were told todays session was               12 o' clock.  The ticker lady asked if we were interested in the last session tomorrow morning BUT once she told us the price our eyes popped out of our heads.   Way out of our price range!

WE then took a stroll to see the cruise ship market where Bear bought a new decoration for our mantle piece, a tug boat.  Took heaps of photos of the cruise ship, then noticed our Sammy the seal putting on his own show for the visitors to our town.  Unfortunately he was a bit quick for some decent photos.

See the black blob, that's our Sammy waving, cheeky boy.

Even managed to do a bit more painting Minelle. Its starting to look alright now, thank goodness.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Hugs Lindy xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

dinner time

Old mother Hubbard went to the fridge to start preparing dinner.
When she got there she did declare,

"We have no pumpkin at all."

Bear puffed up his chest  with a mighty roar yelled

"What ever do you mean?  Over my knee young lady."

"Please Sir not here as the puppies will see.
Can we go into the bedroom for some privacy?"

So off they trotted without delay.  Bear fetched the paddle, then pulled Mother Hubbard over his knee for a jolly good spanking.

"I'll teach you a lesson for having no pumpkin, my dear."

Whack..... whackity.... whack, whack, whack.

"I'm sorry Sir it won't happen again."

With a delicious sore bottom Old Mother Hubbard learnt her lesson.

It wasn't long before they were both laughing and enjoying some MFL.  Dinner was forgotten for the time being.