Friday, 20 January 2017


I guess I had high hopes in my own ability to pick up a paint brush and instantly become Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci.    No grand illusions left, sadly I'm just me!

The other day for my photo challenge the prompt was 'today'.  As we weren't going out anywhere exciting, I decided to pull my blank canvas out and try to paint this wonderful idea I had floating around my head.  Thinking it and doing it are two totally different things and I blew it BIG TIME.  Then cracked the poops even BIGGER.

Bear wasn't happy with my attitude, so grabbed me by the hand heading for the bedroom. He  was mighty swift to bend me over the bed and whack, whack, whack with his hand.  Then went to his bedside drawer to retrieve the table tennis bat, pulled down my knickers and let me know his displeasure about my 'tude with what seemed like a very, very  long volley of splats on my derriere.  I was soon apologising and begging him to stop.  My attitude was restored to being happy again even with a sore behind.
Think from now on I'll stick to my usual craft work and leave the painting to our more talented friend Minelle.

Good luck to all our USA friends.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends.
Its good to be back in the land after saying good bye to our visitors and now we can get back to being Darby and Joan again.  Don't get me wrong I love having D1 and little j here but I love being an empty nester even more.  So Bear and I can be spontaneous whenever the mood takes us.

I've got a few spankings in the bank which I hope aren't earning interest.  Waiting for the weather to cool so we can have some fun.  Yesterday it reached approx. 38c/100f, way too hot for my liking.  Even though we had both split systems going most of the day, it still felt like you could fry an egg.  D1 chose that day to drive home, silly girl,  goodness knows how she coped as she hates the heat.

Anyway  let me explain about my banked spankings.  Do you have labels on medication stating


Pfft!  I always thought it would never happen to me and have always had the odd glass of wine with my meds.  UNTIL recently I was in a really bad flare and just wanted to feel human.  Christmas day I had a cocktail, then Boxing day I had just one glass of wine whilst on pretty heavy duty pain killers.  Oops!  That was a huge mistake as for the rest of the week I was basically knocked out.  I walked around like a zombie having to hold onto things to stop falling over and stop the world from spinning.  Bear was furious with me, so told me when I'm better I will be having a discussion with his belt. EEEKKKK!

Then whilst D1 was here I didn't quite follow my diet ending up sick.  Well she's a bad influence leading me astray.  So Bear has made it a very strict rule this year I am to follow my diet right down to the very last morsel.  If I ever am tempted to eat anything which will affect me I will have a trip OTK.

  I thought this was him being funny  and didn't take it seriously so I ate way too many risky items with D1.  Dare to say that's my 2nd banked spanking.  Hopefully I don't bank anymore before I cash them in.

Luckily by NYE  I was off my pain meds so could enjoy a few cocktails made by my   sexy bartender Bear.

  Boy were they strong,  I'm not really a drinker and it only takes two glasses to set me giggling.  We saw the new year in watching the fire works from our back deck.

Will make my way around blogland this coming week to catch up on everyone's posts and reply to all the emails.

Have a good week everyone stay warm if in colder climate and cool if in the hotter parts like us.

Hugs Lindy xx

Monday, 26 December 2016


In the blink of an eye its over again for another twelve months.  Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas however you celebrated it. 

Bear and I sure did.  We went to church to start our day, where the Sunday school children put on  a nativity play with a difference,  everyone was in fits of laughter.  Then we said our good byes to the congregation and drove over 100kms to our destination for a beautiful lunch in a pub.  On arriving we bumped into one of our church members and both agreed if we had known we could have teamed up for our celebration.  The pub put on a delicious three course meal with a jar of chocolates on the table. Bear even let his hair down for one day consuming heaps of choccies, then complaining about putting on half a kilo.  OMgoodness!

We drove back home, face timed our three children then veged out on the couch in a food coma.  Whilst the rest of the state were sweltering with temperatures up in the high 35 to 38c, we were comfortable in our area with 24c.  Must be the sea breeze keeping up cooler. After we recovered we had some nice spanky time followed by some MFL.

We don't exchange presents amongst the adults in our family, we just like everyone's presence which we had the previous Sunday.  Our son, dil and their  family spoilt us this year gifting us a gorgeous plaque.  On Christmas morning I was lucky  to be able to open two  presents from two very special blog friends which I really appreciate.  I love the way blogging has brought us closer together.

We're having a nice rest until the end of the week when D1 and little J return for New Years eve celebrations with us.

Have a nice relaxing week everyone.

Hugs Lindy xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

With Christmas only a few days away I thought I would get in early to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I know its a really busy time of year for all of us.  Some going away to spend time with family and friends whilst others are preparing for their family time at home.

Which ever way you spend you Christmas, enjoy and stay safe if travelling. Hope the weather is kind to you all,  its going to be a very HOT,  HOT,   HOT  Christmas here.  I hope Santa is kind to you all bringing something nice.   Oh dear it looks like he is over worked this year, so might skip my house.  Or maybe I'm on the NAUGHTY LIST.
Also you are on the receiving end of plenty of GG spankings.

I missed my grandsons elves when he went home  so I bought some of my own.  Yes I'm going batty in my old age but a girls got to have fun.  I mainly wanted to use them  for my photo a day challenge....well that's my excuse  anyway.

                                                               GG spanking

Followed by some .......

From my house to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Love Bear and Lindy xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2016

'tis the season to be merry.

It must be the weather or season as Bear seems to be more in the mood to spank this time of the year.  As he is musically minded he plays a beat to different Christmas carols on my bottom daily, so I have to guess which one. Fa la la la la!   If I don't guess quickly he starts all over again harder.  So it pays to be right fairly quickly.  LOL!  We both always end up in fits of giggles.

Yesterday I was off to a Christmas party with my colourist group friends.  Before I left Bear called me into the bedroom, pulled down my pants and knickers.  Bent me over the bed then retrieved his NASTY belt from the ward robe.  I really hate this belt as it packs a punch and pleaded with him to grab the cricket bat instead.

No, he wasn't going to listen of course as its his decision. WHOOSH through the air, the belt landed way too high on my spine.  I was dancing around with the first strike, Bear told me to get back in position WHOOSH same place  struck  again.  So I rolled over onto my back pleading with him as it was too high and way too hard.   He apologised after seeing marks on my back then  went to his bed side table  to retrieve the table tennis bat.
Then he started with a volley of whacks this time hitting the correct area. Up, down all over my bottom, thighs and sit spots until it was a lovely shade of pinkish/red. It soon became stingy but I was starting to get to my nice place when he said its over.  He admired his handy work whilst rubbing away the sting, saying what are all your friends going to say when you turn up with a glowing backside.  Haha very funny Bear! 

I promised to be a good girl, finished preparing the food and left with a quick cuddle and kiss.

Tomorrow (Sunday)  we are off to meet up with our family for a Christmas celebration, half way between our house and theirs, a long three hour drive.  I'm already apprehensive with how things are going to turn out.  This will be the first time we've all been together since last Christmas.  D2 only comes to make sure her children don't miss out on presents.  Hopefully everyone will be on their best behaviour.  If you hear WW4 has broken out, don't worry its just my family having a tiff.  Send me positive vibes please to make it through without loosing it. 

Have a good weekend.

Hugs Lindy xx

Thursday, 15 December 2016


A little birdy told me December 15th is someone's  birthday,  I wonder who that might be? 

Sending a huge birthday greeting from down under to our special friend in America at New Beginnings....... the one and only    PK  Corey.

Happy, happy birthday PK and happy retirement.  I know you've been counting down the days and now it has arrived.  So lets all celebrate together with champagne and nibbles.

Of course you can't have a birthday with out cake

This is the chef who made your scrumptious cake for you.


and presents.



Now blow out all those candles and make a wish.

Hope Nick is ready with all his implements for your birthday spanking.  Do you also get one for your retirement? 

Now you'll be able to relax by your pool sipping icy cold drinks whilst writing heaps of new books for us.

Enjoy every minute of your retirement,  you'll soon wonder how you had time to work as you become so busy.

Best wishes

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New kid on the block

There's a new kid on the block or in blogland which obviously not too many of you know.  I seem to have been the only one to stop by to say Hi so far.  So I'd like to introduce you all to ......
The Sweetest Gift , her name is Leigh and she does seem very sweet.  Stop by and say Hi and make her feel welcome, as it can get very lonely out there when first starting. 

This is her web address if it helps to find her.....

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Hugs Lindy xx