Monday, 24 July 2017

very sore backside

I'm currently sitting here on a very sore backside.  Ok, you can stop thinking I've been a very naughty girl and been spanked.  Wish I had as it would feel better than this.

Bear and I went on a very nice shopping trip today.  As its so far from home we decided to stop half way enjoy some  refreshments.  Whilst Bear was boiling the kettle I said I'd go for a wonder to take photos. Huge mistake! 

At first the ground was alright, then it got a bit slushy as we've had so much rain lately.  Then I had to take a detour around a rather large puddle but didn't think to turn back.  When taking my photos I am very determined.  I stood on an embankment taking photos of the river, next thing I know I was flat on my back down the bottom.  Lucky for me I stopped in time before going into the river. 

My glasses flew off my head in one direction, my mobile flew in the other direction. I sat there for ages contemplating what to do about my predicament.  Once I found both items, I checked my phone to find there was no reception what so ever, which meant I couldn't call Bear for help.  So I only had one choice to pick myself up, find my way back  in a safer way. It felt like it took forever walking back as my whole spine felt jolted.

On arriving back at the picnic table I turned around showing Bear my back which was totally covered in mud.  I was expecting some sympathy yet all I received was a comment.....

'That'll teach you for playing in mud.'

I explained what happened saying how sore I felt. 

To which he replied 'Also  a hurt pride.'

I think by tomorrow I'm going to be black and blue.  Won't be so stupid as to wander off by myself again in that sort of area.  Lesson learnt the hard way!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

2nd Blogiversary

Today the 16th July   Down under Dreaming is 2 years old. Well that time has gone by in a blink of an eye.  Its been wonderful getting to know each and everyone one of you and learning so much from reading all of your posts.  At times I think no one will want to hear about the life of Bear and Lindy.  For some strange reason there is this  pull though to type events when they happen. I raise my glass to you all.  Cheers!

Recently I've been able to face time several  bloggers, so am able to learn a bit more about their lives, which is absolutely fabulous.  I said to one of them it makes me feel like one of the cool group. LOL!

Thank you all for sticking by me over the past 2 years, for all your lovely responses to my posts and advice when I needed it most.  Thank you PK for talking me into blogging, its been a wonderful time. I know  few have come and gone during this period, which is really sad.  Hopefully there are many more years left for Down under Dreaming  and TTWD in the land.

Hugs Lindy and Bear

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

PK asks?

I'm sure everyone knows the famous words of Forrest Gump. 

“My mamma  always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” 

Well that about sums up TTWD for me and maybe for a lot of us in the land. I've read quite often that some of our men are not consistent and its been a while since our last spanking.

PK wrote a blog titled  Still thinking about the spanking lifestyle and asked the following questions 

Will your man talk about TTWD with you? Are you so established in what you do that you don’t need to discuss it any longer? Would you like to talk about it with him? Do you talk face to face or email? If you don’t really talk about it is there anything you would like to tell your guy about TTWD that you think he should understand better.

I must admit the post you wrote PK could be my life.  Bear is such a gentle man he is afraid of hurting me to a certain degree. Although he has also said he is afraid of liking it too much by really spanking hard. He doesn't want to be the 'boss' of me on a full time basis either. Yet I've taken a step back since we moved leaving most of the final decisions to him. Not that we don't discuss purchases at times, just that Bear decides which items we need.

So in answer to your questions

Will your man talk about TTWD with you?

Bear will talk about TTWD a tiny  bit.  He was surprised  when I talked to some friends recently via face time that others DO practice TTWD.  Although we have talked about it previously, he obviously thought it was our little secret. He had heaps of questions for me once I was off the phone.  This also spurred him on for a short time, pity it didn't last.

Are you so established in what you do that you don’t need to discuss it any longer?

We seem to run either HOT or COLD with TTWD.  So no we are not established enough. Some days Bear wears his HOH hat so well I have to watch my Ps and Qs.  On these days every opportunity he gets, he gives me hard swats or a full on spanking. 
Other days he isn't interested at all, leaving me feeling confused.  We seem to have set backs when either of us is sick also.  Which makes it hard to get back in the swing of things.

Would you like to talk about it with him?

Definitely if he will sit down for a lengthy discussion. Its hard to pin point a good time.

Do you talk face to face or email?

We talk face to face.  When we were first married I used to write him letters. Bear thinks the written word can be taken the wrong way and can hurt more than a proper conversation.  So I try to talk to him.  Some times its successful, other times he seems to change the subject very fast, which is frustrating.

If you don’t really talk about it is there anything you would like to tell your guy about TTWD that you think he should understand better.

I would really love to tell him that consistency would help a great deal.  I need to know where my boundaries are  daily, instead of chopping and changing. Also with regular spankings I seem to have a higher pain threshold, yet with the odd one here and there its too hard to take.  I wimp out.

In the end I know Bear loves me with all his heart and would never do anything to upset me.  Yet I still feel like I'm crazy wanting to be spanked, yet I can't change the way I am.  I throw my hands up in the air saying I'll just read more of my 'dirty books' as D1 calls them and leave my fantasies in my head. It seems to nag at me though until I blurt out to Bear spank me.

Happy 4th July to all my friends in the USA.  Hope you're all having a wonderful celebration.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Polishing my halo

Thursday Bear had to go for a 12 month check up at his eye specialist.  Can't believe its already that long since his first operation.  Anyway as you all know by now I belong to a few photo groups on face book.

Well a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  When an opportunity arises I snap away no matter where I am.  Bear was not very impressed with me taking photos in and around the doctors surgery.  Then we went to our favourite pub for lunch.  Yes started taking more photos.  Well you never know when a suitable prompt is going to come up for me to use them.

Bear only has two meals a day, so when we are out he has an entrĂ©e of soup, before his main.  He dropped a few toast crumbs on the table.  Naughty Lindy forgot her manners and started flicking them off the table.  Oops!  By now Bear was fuming with both all the photos and my behaviour.
He said to me that he was  surprised I didn't take a selfie whilst  doing that.  I cheekily replied I'm surprised you didn't take a photo of me.

I was the designated driver home as Bear had laser surgery, so he didn't say very much.  When we arrived home though, he took me into the bedroom, pulled down my jeans and knickers and polished my halo.

I soon learnt my lesson and was a good little angel again with a lovely red backside, apologising for my antics.  Next time I'll be more careful. 

Have a good weekend everyone.  Sure is cold down here now, going to be 12c/53f here tomorrow.  So if you like I can send some your way, if you send some warmer weather please.

Hugs Lindy xx

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Did you know spanking and MFL are way better alternatives to medication when you're suffering from any ailments?  I've had this terrible migraine since the middle of last week.  A friend suggested buying an amber necklace, which I'm very grateful for, thank you.  So I trotted off to a shop in our little city to purchase one and was surprised at how much it helped in reducing the pain.

Still it lingered in the background, not so overpowering though.  Last night Bear decided to try his own method for healing my sore head.


We were snuggled up under the doona, then he rolled me onto my tummy and lit into my backside. Whack whack whackety whack!   until it was as red as that writing.


  It felt so good and as usual we both started giggling, which  led to some MFL.

I announced to Bear today that my head feels 100% better, so I need a regular dose of his medication.  Hopefully he will comply.

So take my advice, throw away all your medication and ask your hoh for a yummy spanking pronto!

Hugs Lindy xx

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Hello all my blogland friends.  Feels like ages since I've written a post, yet its just over a month.  Blogland seems to be rather quiet with a few people obviously taking breaks for their own personal reasons.

I had a very interesting conversation with a  girl who I will call Rachel, the other day and spilt the beans about our life style. 
EEEKKK!  Don't know if this is going to come back and bite me on the bum like karma, hope not.

Rachel was telling me about a friend of hers who just lost her father and needs help as she turns to self harm.  Both Rachel and her friend have the same thing in common, their form of self harm is cutting.  I had known that she  did this before which worried me no end, yet never asked what she  achieved out of it.  When she explained about the high she gets, I said that's the endorphins. 

Being quite concerned for Rachel's  welfare, I said there are other ways to  feel that  high the endorphins give you.  DING DONG alarm bells went off,  why have you opened you big mouth Lindy, stupid woman!  I knew what the next question was before Rachel verbalised it.

"So what do you do for the endorphin highs?"

Even though she couldn't see me, my face was burning with embarrassment.  I thought do I lie or tell her the truth.  I took the second option telling her the truth about our life style.  We had a long discussion during which  she asked "So like in outlander with the spanking episode?" 

Yep exactly was my reply.  I wish I could have seen Rachel's face to see how she was taking the news.  I wanted to take back my words but it was too late for that, it was all out in the open.  She declared she knew there was something kinky going on in our retirement, just didn't know what.  Oops!  What have I done opening up a can of worms like this.

Our conversation went on a bit longer with me explaining things and suggesting she try it for herself, rather than doing something dangerous like cutting.  I think I gave her a bit of 'Food for thought'.  I ended with saying  VANILLA IS SO BORING,  you need some KINK in YOUR life, then left it at that. 

I expected further questions since this but nothing more has come from it.  So I don't know if Rachel is willing to give our life style a go to see if it suits her or she thinks I'm totally nuts.  So do you think I did the right thing in telling her, or should I have lied?

Enjoy your week everyone.

Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Happy Mothers Day to all those celebrating this Sunday.  I hope you're spoilt by your children and furkids.  Enjoy your day!

Mine will be postponed until the following weekend when we go to visit our family.  Been such a long time I can't wait.

Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy xx

Thursday, 11 May 2017


I love doing memes, so thank you for this one Terps

1.   Where is your phone? coffeetable

2.   Your hair? wavy

3.   Your Dad?  Gone

4.   Your other half? accordion

5.   Your favorite food? curry

6.   Your dream last night? interesting

7.   Your favorite drink? tea

8.   Fear? snakes

9.   Favorite Shoes? boots

10. Favorite way to relax? daytripping

11. Your mood? happy

12. I love? my family

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren't? outgoing

15. Muffins? no

16. Wish list item? holiday

17. Where you grew up? Australia

18. Last thing you did? shoppinglist

19. What are you wearing right now?  uggboots.

20. Something you hate? twofacedpeople

21. Your pets?  dogs

22. Friends?  few

23. Life? interesting

24. Regrets? yes

25. Missing someone?  definitely

That was fun.  Look forward to seeing everyone's answers.
Hugs Lindy

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

huge mistake!

I  tried to change my layout on my blog. Big mistake! In doing so I must have deleted  everyone's names, so please bear with me as I slowly re add everyone.

Sorry if I miss any posts over the next few days and if you don't hear from me give me a shout out please?

Lindy xx

Friday, 14 April 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone from our house to yours. 

Hope the Easter bunny is kind to you all and brings you something yummy, if not a delicious GG spanking. 

Enjoy your time with family and friends.  Stay safe if travelling anywhere.

Well the end of our Lent challenge has arrived and I must admit it was a huge failure.  It seemed a good idea to start off.

Both Jan and I have been too sick to continue it.  Thank you so much Jan for participating  as much as you did.  It was fun seeing what you and John managed to do. Hope you're feeling better soon.  Sending positive healing vibes your way. 

Happy Easter everyone
Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ellas answer

Ella asks

I don't remember reading about how you and Bear got started with ttwd. I would love to hear about your Chapter 1.

When Bear and I first met we dabbled in spanking for fun.  This lasted until little humans came into our lives who didn't sleep at night, so it all fell to the wayside.  Come Bears retirement and a move many kilometres away from the family, a fairy by the name of E L James, sprinkled her magic on us to make us shine.

Now to begin with I had never heard of FSOG until dil came to visit saying how disgusted she was all her friends were reading this dirty book.  Shock horror they suggested she read it,  she didn't know how they could be into such filth.

Now I'm always  up for a dare, so when dil and son left I told Bear how I wanted to look into FSOG. He encouraged me by taking me to the library to borrow this book. Oh my goodness once I'd started reading, it opened up a whole new life.  Bear was in the back room playing his accordion whilst I read FSOG sitting comfortably in the lounge room.  It didn't take long for me to want to jump Bears bones as I was so turned on by these books.  Bear asked me what brought this change on, so once I'd explained he decided to do a bit of research himself.  He googled 'How to spank your wife.'  and was totally surprised by how many posts came up.  Both Bear and I started researching more finding lots of sites about TTWD.  The first one I came across was Clint and Chelsea's LDD. I asked Bear to read this, which he did but wasn't comfortable with someone our sons age telling him how to spank his wife.

One thing lead to another, Bear incorporated using spanking for fun into our lives again, thinking himself to be just like Christian in FSOG.  This was hot hot HOT and developed into trying other things like blind folds, his belt and the cricket bat. 

Life was one endless love fest.  I don't really think we are as adventurous as some others out there in blogland, we  do have heaps of fun with our form of TTWD.
Now every time Bear plays that tune on his accordion it reminds me of when I read FSOG.  When our eldest daughter came to visit she said we were like teenagers again. 

Thanks for asking your question Ella.  This concludes all my questions, its been fun.  If for some reason I've missed yours please let me know, as I found a whole lot in my spam folder for some reason.

Have a good week.

Hugs Lindy xx

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Roz question

Roz asks

what is the biggest change you have noticed in both Bear and yourself since ttwd?

Are all your spankings of the fun variety or do you spank for other reasons, such as reset, discipline etc

I think I may have covered your first question in Katie's answer.  We've noticed we are closer these days. Can't keep our hands off each other and I tend to lean in more letting Bear make decisions.

I would love some reset, stress release spankings but no, ours are all for fun.  I think I've only received one punishment spanking which was to prove Bear loved me.  It wasn't very nice and I soon believed him.

Thank you for your questions Roz,  it was  fun answering them. Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Katies question

Katie asks the following questions.

Since starting ttwd, what has been the biggest change that you have noted? What would Bear say of the same? Do you have any "rules" that is expected of you that you would like to do away with, but follow due to loving submission? Do you have any hobbies other than photography that you enjoy doing? What spanking that you have had, stands out most in your mind, and why? What songs do you enjoy listening to these days? They aren't the same as before, but will be fun to hear from you about these.

I think the biggest change both Bear and I have noticed since starting TTWD is the fact it has brought us closer together and we feel like newly weds again.  Even our eldest daughter says we are like teenagers who can't keep our hands off each other.

We mainly do TTWD for fun, so no rules as such.  I've asked Bear to set rules for me from time to time.  He answers with 'You're always good though.' 

Even though he doesn't set me rules I've found my submission is stronger lately.  I always did do absolutely everything for Bear.  (except ironing)  LOL!  He used to work afternoon/ night shifts so I'd make sure he had a meal to take to work.  He told me none of his work mates wives did that, so he really appreciated it.  Kept the children quiet so he could sleep and a heap of other things.  I refer to him before doing most things, not that I can't make up my own mind.  I just know this makes him happy.

Apart from my photography, I love to do a variety of hand crafts.  I will usually  give something a try once to see how I go. 

Unfortunately with my rotator cuff tear, I've had to stop a lot of activities which is hard to adjust to not being able to do them.

Bear and I love to do road trips exploring new areas, going on picnics and walks along the beach holding hands.  As long as we're together we are happy, no matter what or where our adventure takes us.

The only time I listen to music is when I'm riding my bike for exercise.  We don't have very good reception here, so there is only one radio station.  I really love both Adele and Ed Sheeran, so I guess their music stands out.  Adele had concerts around Australia recently I would really have love to go to see her.

Apart from the two spankings I wrote in Jan's answer, another sticks in my mind. Bear always wanted me to bend over the arm of a lounge chair.  We didn't have any at home, so when we rented a holiday house the opportunity presented itself.  Every night he would bend me over the arm spank me with his nice belt, although it wasn't particularly hard I was tender after it.  We met our children for a picnic in the park one day.  I found it hard to sit on the wooden park benches, so Bear had to retrieve a cushion out of the car.  Bear and I both looked at each other with a grin on our faces.

That was fun answering all your questions Katie, I combined your first lot with your second email. Thank you for asking them. 

Hugs Lindy xx


Abby asks

Hmmm...What is one place you would like to travel and have not yet...does Bear have a different one? What is your favorite dessert to eat?

We both would like to explore more of Australia and plan on going to New Zealand to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in another two years. I haven't been there, Bear has when he went on a cruise before he met me.

My favourite dessert by a long shot  is cheesecake.  Any other dessert I can live without.  I've made  a few different ones substituting normal biscuits for gluten free for the base.  This is my toblerone cheese cake I had for the cookie bake off in 2015.  Bear doesn't eat dessert, so I have to wait until someone visits before I can make it.   Its very rich so you only need a tiny slither, but OH ITS SO GOOD!

Thank you for your questions Abby, it was fun answering them
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 7 April 2017

PK's answer

PK asks.

If they were going to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you. How bout your Bear?

Very interesting question PK.  I will answer in two parts, firstly from me who I would choose, then from Bear.  We've been discussing this over the past few days, as it was good to hear his point of view.

I would like a combination of two actresses who come to mind Meg Ryan and Diane Keating.  Just because I think they're both fun loving women.



For Bear also a combination of Sean Connery and Richard Gere as they're both so hot, hot, HOT.  Of course not as hot as my Bear though. 


When I asked this question of Bear, he firstly said he would like Sean Connery also to play his part. Then decided on  Jim Carrey, as he fancies himself as a comedian.



He said he would like to see me portrayed by Beverly D'angelo.

So a bit of a mixed bag there for you PK.  Thanks for asking and giving us both something to think about.                           
Hugs Lindy xx

Cat's questions

Cat asks.....

asking everyone the same question that was asked of me several years ago...What four people (and their spouse/partner), living or dead, would you invite for an evening of drinks and dinner?

If I was holding a dinner party I would want a fun evening with plenty of laughter and entertainment. 

My  first couple would be Billy Connolly and his wife Pamela Stephenson.  Bear and I both love watching Billy's tv shows where he travels across different countries.  He seems to be able to tell fantastic stories,  that would keep the conversation going.

Secondly as we are  both into Adele, I think she would be nice to join us and maybe sing us a song or two.

To join Adele and perhaps accompany her, Ed Sheeran.  The two of them can sing us some love songs to swoon us.

Last but not least, Jerry and Jessica  Seinfeld as Bear enjoys watching his  Comedians in cars getting coffee, also he seems pretty good at telling jokes.

I'm sure with these four couples we will have an evening filled with plenty of delicious food, wine and laugh until our cheeks hurt.  (face cheeks)

Thank you for your question Cat, it really made me think hard about this.  Of course there are a heap more people I would love to invite.  This is a starter though.

Hugs Lindy xx

very sore backside

I'm currently sitting here on a very sore backside.  Ok, you can stop thinking I've been a very naughty girl and been spanked.  Wish...