Saturday, 20 January 2018


I don't usually have to run my posts past Bear for approval. Discussing my latest post 'LETS TALK ABOUT SEX BABY' and some reactions, he thinks I've over stepped the fine line.

So I'm really sorry, I'll stick to the subject from now on.  In light of this I am getting a spanking for being a naughty girl.

The ginger paddle and his belt will be coming out of our toy box at bed time. So please accept my apology.

Hugs Lindy xx


  1. Hi Lindy, :) I’m not sure why you feel that you need to be sorry, or why you need to be spanked about your post. I hope that you don’t get that spanking... unless you want it. That would be another story! :)

    You brought up an interesting topic, and it’s actually quite relevant In terms of both physical health, and emotional health. You are far from the first person to bring up such a subject, and In my humble opinion I hope that you are not the last.

    The beauty of Blogland is that we CAN discuss these kinds of things, and learn from one another. If something doesn’t sit right with someone, that’s okay. It’s one to skip. It happens in a place where people discuss different subjects. Not everything is for everyone. That’s okay. If we can’t discuss things here, in a tasteful way- which you did, then where can we?

    The 50 Shades era brought to light, IMHO, something very important. It showed women (and men too) that being more open about pleasure and sexual needs is healthy. It helped people come out of their shells (I’m guessing quite a lot, by the stats), and perhaps gave them permission in a sense to explore ways to gain greater satisfaction in the bedroom, and even outside of it. Some of us wouldn’t be here, had that not come to light.

    The topic of an aging female body, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening is a if deal these days. Being able to discuss things like Ben-wa balls, or vaginal weights is a good one. Docs do discuss their use in helping things such as urinary incontinence, to improved tone, to enhancing pleasure during mfl. Did you know that there is physical therapy done in this area to help people with incontinence issues?

    To sum this up, I hope Bear skips your spanking. I read many positive comments here. You didn’t ask anyone to share the contents of their toy stash. (People here discuss toys freely, so if you had, that’s no big deal either). Im just not sure why you need to apologize... or get spanked. I’ll stop rambling and hope that I made my point, and saved your ass too! Hugs and love,


    1. The second to last paragraph should read: ...and pelvic floor muscle strengthening is a BIG deal these days. :)

  2. Hi Lindy,

    I'm with Katie, IMHO you have nothing to apologise for. You raised an important women's health issue in a tasteful way.


  3. I did not get a chance to comment, but I was not offended and was looking forward to reading all the replies. We learn from each other, and this was an excellent learning opportunity...hope that spanking is of the good girl variety. hugs abby

  4. I couldn't find anything offensive about your last post either. But men are often more reluctant to discuss sex (except in the locker room) than women.


  5. Of course I'll accept your apology! Now please explain what you're apologizing for? I consider my blog - well considered, it a spanko/sex blog. Just like we can't talk to our friends in church or at the drug store about how we like spanking neither can we discuss sex. At least if we're over the age thirteen. We grown, mature women need to check experiences and ideas too. I thought your post was great for the mature women you're writing to. Thanks

  6. nothing to apologise for IMO. but i'm sure Bear had his reasons for thinking it was overstepping. if you're concerned about offending, then i'm certain no one felt offended. I think blogland is a space for us all to share things we learn and ask for opinions and learn from others (in comments and email etc). Gosh, have you seen some of the things i've written on my blog? between that and the internet shopping i'm thinking Bear might really think i'm a bad influence on you! I hope that spanking wasn't too ouchy - considering all our appeals here on your behalf!

  7. No apology necessary but enjoy the spanking, nonetheless. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed our off-line conversation. Eric is the first man I have ever slept with who openly asks me to tell him what I like. "Save me the trouble of trying to figure out what makes you feel good and just tell me so we can spend the rest of our lives enjoying each other rather than being frustrated or disappointed." It was hard at first. Didn't want to hurt his feelings if I didn't like something, was self conscious about what I could do for him, etc. Now, we talk about it all the time and guess what, I know exactly what makes him happy and he knows exactly what works for me. Now, sex is just wonderful and we do have a great toy collection. So, at the very least, I believe everyone should be flat out talking to their partners. Tonight's spanking for you, I hope, comes as a grand form a foreplay.

  8. Hi Lindy, I am presuming Bear didn't like you discussing your sex life out here. Not sure why he objects to that and not all the spanking stuff we all yak on about. Just a man thing I suppose..Good job you like getting spanked I reckon. I have read much moregraphic stuff out here than that, Bear shouls have a flip round the blogs one day....
    love Jan,xxx

  9. Hello, Lindy. I don’t see that you have any reason to apologise for your last post. There was nothing offensive in it. Some of us may be reluctant to share the contents of our toy boxes but I’m sure no one was bothered by the question, we’re not exactly shrinking violets!
    I had never heard of Ben-wa balls, so thanks for the education, anything that can help with the kegel exercises is worth looking at!
    I hope Bear will reconsider and give you a lovely GG.
    Rosie xx

  10. Lindy, Don't know how I missed your post. We did lose an internet connection twice this week, but I am glad I caught this.

    Much of my work at the medical facility from which I recently retired had to do with women's pelvic health. It is a very real issue for so many women. We even received some training on counseling women, young and old, with questions about sexual activity. Personally, I think it is every woman's right to ask those questions. It should be encouraged.

    My mother would never discuss sex in any way, and I was determined that it would not be that way with my children. We owe them the chance for sexual fulfillment. It is part of what makes a marriage strong.

    Much Love,

  11. I'm really beginning to hate this comment process. I just wrote a 'brilliant' comment and was asked to select a profile. I chose good account then it asked me my password like I was a first time commenter or google girl. Blech.
    Anyway, my comment went something like Bear is wrong. We women, especially here, talk about everything. There is no taboo subject. So I don't think you should be spanked for that blog. Unless of course you want to be. He's the one that deserves the spanking for thinking we would be offended - he doesn't even know us. haha.

  12. Haven't been around blogland much lately so had to go back and read the post you were referring to. Absolutely no apology necessary...didn't see anything wrong with the post or the comments. What exactly did Bear find offensive and feel needed an apology. Darlin' Bear...with all due are wrong this time.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  13. I liked your last post. It was interesting and entertaining. Sorry that Bear didn't approve. I agree with Sunny, we do tend to discuss all kinds of things in our little corner of blogland.

  14. If Bear thinks you need a spanking, that his prerogative!

    That said, I didn't think the previous post was that bad? Was it because it involved your children? What was said I could see as motherly advice. My mom told me about kegels, hahah!

  15. Thank you everyone for your support. I felt like I was raising an important issue also. I certainly have learnt a lot from fellow bloggers about things I never knew before. Even though I came from a family with three older sisters sex was a forbidden subject. Also I never had girlfriends who I could discuss these things with. So this is where you all came in to educate me on choices available. I really appreciate everyone's input to this matter either here or in emails.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  16. No need to apologize. This is your space to share your thoughts and feelings. It is nice to have a safe place to ask questions, have discussions, and learn from one another. Those who do not wish to participate may look away until another topic comes. Thank-you for your openness in sharing. Big hugs to you



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