Tuesday, 11 September 2018


At least in Australia our judicial system gives us a fair trial before being found guilty. 'Innocent until proven guilty'. So I ask you fellow blogger friends to be the jury am I guilty of this crime or innocent.

Let me paint you a picture. For those of you who don't have a face book account you have your own page, a news feed and there is a right hand column.  On this right hand column it usually has advertising materials which fb thinks you are interested in according to your posts. Then there is a part in this column with suggestions of FRIENDS YOU MAY KNOW.

On a daily basis a particular name keeps popping up in this section of FRIENDS YOU MAY KNOW right. I had seen this person leaving comments on another fellow bloggers fb page and guessed by her terminology who she may be. So on the weekend I sent this  Jane Doe a PRIVATE INBOX MESSAGE, which she could only see no one else in face book land by the way, asking her if she was ABC?  I thought this was an innocent thing to do in my opinion anyway.

I thought I had become friends with Jane Doe before I went AWOL in the land and we had some good chats via email. Thinking this would be a nice way to get to know her more I jumped in  with my message. After a bit I thought oh maybe I should send her an email to which I did.

In the mean time a mutual friend blocked me on face book, not bothering to give me any chance to explain myself away. Just cut off my head, bam your gone. It took me a bit to realise as my phone told me she had sent a friend request which I thought very strange seeing I was her friend anyway. Usually if this happens the person has been hacked. So SHOCK HORROR I sent another PRIVATE INBOX MESSAGE to another mutual friend asking if this person had been hacked and explained the reason why. Then I went to find our mutual friend to  realise she had actually  blocked me.  Pfft!

At no time did I go onto this other persons face book page and check her friend list. As I said above Jane Does name kept coming up on the friends suggestion page.
So this other person has condemned me and sent me to be burnt at the stakes like an evil witch.  For anyone who truly knows me, they would know I would never hurt a fly. I am a person pleaser, not a trouble maker. I didn't think I was putting any of my fellow bloggers personal information out there for the world to see. Golly gosh I have blogger friends who call me Lindy in face book land. So go figure! don't you think this makes people question why I AM BEING CALLED LINDY

I am just over all this.  I was AWOL from the land as both Bear and I have been ill and I am in too much of a delicate state to deal with this.  Funny how on the 13th September  over here its RUOK day.  Well guess what no I am not ok, I am far from ok. 

So you can all continue on in the land without me. I am through and especially now I have been accused of doing something without being asked why in the first place.

Thank you to the true friends I have made in the past 3 years, I am going to miss you. 

p.s. if any other blogger friends want to unfriend or block me on fb go right ahead. 


  1. Hi Lindy,

    I am sorry to see you go. I don't use Facebook and now am very glad that I don't, as it seems that very odd things can happen that are hurtful and out of your control.

    Take care.


  2. You'll always be welcomed here I hope you'll check in whenever you'd like. This, like FB, is a fluid group. People make their own choices about coming and going and I respect each one.

  3. Hi Lindy, You will always be welcome at my blog and on my facebook page too. I hope you and Bear feel better soon, try not to worry
    love Jan,xx

  4. Hi Lindy, you'll always be welcome on my blog although I don't blog much. I'm probably one of the ones that call you Lindy on FB - sorry bout that, didn't think anything about it.
    Feel better soon and see you on FB.

  5. haters gonna hate - I ignore them. I'm not ashamed of who or what I am - while I don't link things from facebook (under my real name) and my blogging name, I always know it's a possiblity a link will be made. But bad natured people - screw 'em! If you enjoy blogging, keep it up but I do understand when two worlds clash how it can be intimidating.

  6. Lindy, I am so sorry to hear this. I don't have people on my facebook that I don't know in real life, a rule the Duke and I made long before blogland... so I can't relate to what you're going through, though I do sometimes fear people in real life finding my blog... like one day I sent out a WHOLE church email from my blog email by mistake that links right to google plus and to my blog... I had to delete that blog right away and start over... I'm so sorry this happened to you. {{{HUGS}}} I know I don't comment often, but I have loved reading you.
    Hugs, EsMay

  7. Lindy, I am so sorry to hear this. I don't do Facebook and very glad I don't. You are very welcome on my blog anytime. I hope you and your Bear feel better soon and please, let us know you are both getting on.

    Love and hugs,

  8. Hi Lindy, the past 3 years (where does all that time go) have been fun...but all things must end. Thank you for your wonderful blog and may all your days be full of love and happiness.
    I hope you and the Bear find some much needed good health and enjoy this small part of the land we call Oz.

  9. Oh Lindy,

    I can understand the hurt you are feeling and the depths of it based on not only what happened but how it happened. It truly was unfair.
    Last week I received some invaluable advice from a friend ( someone who I met after being hurt by blogland). She said to me " Take back your power" . This didn't have to do with blog land, but I am passing on that nugget to you for two reasons. 1) Once I decided to take back my personal power and live the way I chose to because of how I saw things not because of the opinion of another I felt so much better and 2) If I had stayed in the shadows years ago I wouldn't have met this wonderful woman, and she has been invaluable to me.

    Perhaps these 'ladies' misunderstood, and that wasn't fair for certain that they didn't come to you. Perhaps they panicked, maybe your friendships can be repaired in time. But maybe they can't. That doesn't mean that everyone else has to go to. Perhaps the greatest friendship is yet to come for you?

    I hope in a while when you are feeling stronger you decide to come back. It is obvious you are a kind soul and many are drawn to you. Don't let this difficult time and experience steal your power Lindy.


  10. Hi Lindy, Oh I’m so sorry to hear about all of this! Unfortunately there are always people in the world who choose to treat others poorly. No one deserves to be treated in that way!

    Feel better soon, and do come back when you are up to it. You are always welcome over at my place, here in blogland, and on FB too. If you look above, you will see that there are many kind And caring people around. Don’t let the behavior of a couple of people keep you from enjoying the things that make you happy. Btw, a very long time ago, I did the same thing re: contacting a blogger, who lives near me. I cannot imagine life without her as a friend, and will always be glad about it. I hope that you and Bear feel better soon. See you on FB. Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  11. Gosh, I’m so sorry that happened!! You keep doing whatever makes you happy. Come by me on my blog anytime! I’ll see you on fb!

  12. Hi Lindy,

    I am so sorry this happened and that you have been hurt. I don't do social media so don't know the inns and outs.

    I would be so sorry to see you go. I hope you will take some time away and come back when you feel ready.

    Sending positive thoughts that both you and Bear recover well from your injuries.


  13. Lindy, I’m sorry you’ve got caught up in whatever this is. I hope, when you feel stronger, you’ll come back to Blogland. You have many friends here who will miss you.
    In the meantime, see you on Facebook.
    Rosie xx

  14. I am sooo sorry...hope you are feeling better soon..both of you. You need to do whatever is best for you and your family...hang in there , fell better, you will me missed...hugs abby

  15. Miss Lindy,
    Look at me...I figured out one "lappy" that will work for me! Okay, so I know you are hurting right now (both physically and mentally) but I agree with much of what has been said above. You should consider a break rather than leave forever. Please do not let others negativity and insecurities effect the wonderful joy you bring to this place.

  16. Lindy, I'm sorry you had that experience. I always enjoy your blog. I hope you and Bear mend soon. EL

  17. This is a good place but, let's face it, it's not the real world - and real world gets priority.
    I hope maybe one day you might feel comfortable to come back but if you don't, that's completely understandable.
    Best wishes for health and happiness no matter which way the blogging turns.

  18. I am sorry you had such a negative experience. I am happy to be your friend here, facebook, or anywhere... hugs



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