Friday, 9 November 2018

FFF #41

As Willy said  last week  with reading everyone's FFF reports it makes the time go by so fast and I have to agree totally.  We have a few routines in our house which we stick to like washing the towels on Thursday nights. (Yes I know boring)  My point is I turned to Bear this Thursday night and said I can't believe its towel night again, only feels like we did them.  Even our 16 year old granddaughter is saying time is flying, so its not just us oldies.

This week I only managed one water exercise due to it being a public holiday on the other one. I did manage to fit heaps of steps in though walking around the markets and going to the street parade. Also I made up for the day off the water exercises by fitting in an extra bike ride. So 6/7 days on the bike.  I am feeling so much better with  including riding again, as my legs have regained the strength I lost when I wasn't allowed to exercise.

As far as sticking to a healthy eating plan this week, its out the window. Bear stayed home whilst I went to the market, so I bought him a surprise of a bucket of honey. 

Then as I was leaving I noticed a caravan selling fairy floss. Oh my goodness, I am a big kid at heart,  so  can never go past anywhere they sell fairy floss. As Bear said when I showed him my bucket its a fair compromise. LOL!

Wednesday I went out with my photography group to celebrate a friends special -0 birthday.  We met in a nice café for lunch which was really delicious, then went to our botanical gardens for a walk to take photos.  The downfall was, after this we went to another café to have afternoon tea. Oops! I had the best lemon meringue pie I have had in ages. Yum!

So two failures this week with my fairy floss and cake. This coming week I also have a few functions to attend, so not holding my breath on eating healthy again. Never mind a slip up every now and again is alright in my books.

Hope everyone else did well on their FFF for the week. See you again next week for both FFF and LOL days.

Have a good weekend. 

Hugs Lindy xx


  1. 6/7 days you had bike rides - i think you've earned the festive eating my friend.

  2. Good for you on the exercise, Lindy. You didn't make any excuses. The sweets are always my downfall. I try to stay away completely because "just one bite" never works. Once I have a little sugar, I want more, more, more!

    Enjoy your functions and being back in the pink of health. :)

    Sending Hugs Down Under,

  3. Sounds like a great week for you, Lindy! I always think that every now and then, it is okay to have a bit of sweets. Otherwise the craving can get the better of me.

    Love the farie floss name, for what we call cotton candy! YUM!!

    I'm with Fondles- you did a great job with the bike riding! Keep up the great work. Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  4. Omg! I love cotton candy!!! It is my all time favourite- so much so that I know what you call it downunder. Lol

    So that being said, don't fret it is all sugar no fat ( provided you burn off the sugar..but why split hairs...or floss!)

    Good to hear about the biking...what else did you say? Sorry thinking about candy floss. .lol


  5. So glad you’re feeling better, Lindy. Well done on the exercise. We call that sugary confection candy floss over here. I remember having it at the annual fair as a child but haven’t had it for many years now. Enjoy yourself next week!
    Rosie xx

  6. Hi Lindy,

    Oh wow, candy floss and lemon mirange pie...yum! Sounds like you had a great week overall :) I'm with Fondles, you earned the treats with all that exercise. Sweets are my great weakness, still got to work on that lol.

    Phew! Well done you, you are getting straight back into it and it's awesome that you are feeling better now you are exercising again :)


  7. Good on you, as I've heard they say down under.

  8. Thanks to Wilma I don't have to google fairy floss - and I love it too!! Yay for the exercise and feeling your legs get stronger. <3



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