Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunnys Meme

Sunday night and I'm sitting here with a sick Bear.  He is actually watching tv which is highly unusual for him.  So thought I would fill in some time between making cups of tea to do Sunny's meme.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes I've been on face book for approx. 10 years now.

If the answer is yes, do you respond to what you consider stupid posts?

Guilty as charged for some fun.

Name one of your favorite bugaboos? (person, place or thing that really bothers you)

Got no idea what this means.  When I tried google it said to dance but don't think that would be what you mean Sunny.

How many FB friends do you have?

Lost count.  I have friends from my school days, work friends, relatives and people I play games with and support groups.

Assuming you have an email account, how often do you check?


Do you have more than one email account?


Do you twitter, or is it tweet?

I do have a twitter account but don't use it. My youngest daughter talked me into joining it but never really understood it.

Do you have a mobile phone?


Is it a smartphone or one of the old-fashioned kind?

Smartphone  Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

How often do you check for messages, text or other wise?

Every time it dings.

Do you get accused of being on the phone or computer too much?

No as Bear is always on his as well.

If so, by who?


Would you rather read on an e-reader or an actual book?

I used to enjoy reading actual books.  Now I prefer reading them on the kindle app on my laptop. I also have a kobo but find the writing too small.

The title of the last book you read in any genre?

Jaye Peaches  - His Lordship's Mate

  Now reading Jane Henry  -  Begin Again.

Thanks for a fun meme Sunny.

Have a good week everyone.  Tomorrow is 29th January, do you all  doing anything  for this once in four years special day?   We obviously won't be able to with Bear.  Unless he makes a quick recovery.

Hugs Lindy


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


To my surprise whilst surfing the net the other day I found it was National Wine Day.  Now who can pass up a special day dedicated to wine.  Not us that's for sure.  I shared the post with Bear on his face book page and a few of my friends also saw it.  They were thrilled like us that we didn't need an excuse to have a glass of wine mid week.

So Bear was barbecuing steaks for dinner, beef for him and lamb for me.  I made a special salad and set the table ready for our delicious dinner.  I took a photo of my glass of wine to send to some of my friends saying CHEERS!  

We ate our dinner and I've got in the bad habit of taking my evening meds with wine if we have it.  I looked at my glass and said to Bear,  "Someone drank my wine."  So he poured me a second glass.

One of  my old work mates said she didn't have any wine so have a glass for her.  I explained how I already had two, so she said get Bear to have hers.  He is usually a one glass drinker but took her up on her challenge.  Seeing there wasn't much left Bear poured me a third glass.  OOPS!

I asked Bear if I could use the dish washer that night as we usually hand wash but didn't think I would be able to stand up long enough to wash them.  Didn't think about our good crystal glasses though. We are cheap two pot screamers, or in my case 3 pots.

Anyway I was feeling a bit brave and asked Bear for a spanking.  I'm not allowed to ask normally, he decides when, where and how.  He told me to go take my shower, then he did also.  In the bedroom the spatula was waiting for me. I thought oh no what have a got myself into, I hate that thing.

He pulled me over his knee, no warm up just full force strokes reigned down on my poor bottom.  It didn't take long to get really stingy and I couldn't stay still no matter how hard I tried. I grabbed the doona to try muffle my noises.  All the time Bear commented how beautiful and red it was looking. Then for some reason said its gone white again in a disappointed voice, so walloped even harder. It felt like it went on for ages, although was probably only a few minutes.

No special cuddle or after care at all.   I said later when we went to bed that its nicer to spank lighter especially for a fun spanking. He reckons my bottom is tough and can take a good walloping.

The next night we were settling down to sleep when he started giving me a nice light spanking.  It felt so wonderful and started making me tingle.  I told Bear I really wanted him after that spanking and wished he would do it that way more often.  Luckily this time there was plenty of delicious after care.

The moral of this story.......Never spank whilst under the influence.

Monday, 22 February 2016

A special message from our Don

Dear All,
Thank you, and everyone else who sent messages, for your best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. When I was flat on my back, wired up for colour and sound, not able to move and Mumski showed me the post and the wishes, it gave me a real boost and strengthened my desire to get out of there.

Well here it is, some 17 days later and I am at last free. Came home from hospital yesterday to be greeted by 2 excited dogs and 2 indifferent cats (what’s new!) Now starts the fun bit…….6 weeks full time in a neck brace, then a further 4 – 6 weeks part time in the brace where I am allowed to take it off for showers, at home etc. NO housework, NO gardening, NO enjoyment, NO fun and games. Also at least 20 weeks of physio and strengthening exercises. But as Mumski said…isn’t it great to be alive…bless her!

To Lindy, a very special thank you for her post. It touched me in a very special way and reinforced my belief that this part of the universe is a wonderful and caring place with some very uniquely special people.

Again, many thanks
Downunder Don

Great to hear from you Don.  Hopefully being home will help you heal quicker.
Sending positive healing vibes your way. Take care!
Hugs Lindy

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ellas winter meme although it actually summer here. LOL!

Ella's winter meme in  our summer down under. Love doing these memes.

1.You have to leave your house because of a disaster.All the people and pets you love are safe. If you could carry out just one thing what would it be?

                                                                         family tree

  Although I've come to realise possessions are not important anymore, as long as my loved ones are safe.  I do have a box with all my family history research I've done since I was about 10 years old.  So guess I'd take that.

 2. Tell us about a book or series of books that you loved as a child.

Enid Blyton The far away tree and The wishing chair


3.Name one item of clothing you love your spouse to wear.

A suit and tie.

 4. Name a lullaby your mum or dad sung to you that you sang to your children.

My dad made a lullaby up which he sang to me and obviously my older siblings.  Can't remember it now though.

5. Tell us about the fanciest restaurant you have eaten in.
We don't usually go to fancy restaurants.  There was one where they placed the serviettes on our knee, which made Bear uncomfortable.


6.Tell us about any phobias you have. What else are you scared of?
SNAKES are my worst phobia.  I fainted once when I saw one. (What a wimp)
Heights, although think I'm improving with this one.
Escalators as my mum fell down one when I was a little girl.

7.Is there something old from a family member you treasure.
I have a lot of treasures from family members.  As I'm the family historian everything is given to me. One of the best is a letter written by my great great grandfather to his daughter in law, my great grandmother.  Also my grandfathers war medals.


8.If there is reading material in your bathroom, what magazines or books could be found there?

Definitely no reading material in our bathroom.  EEEWWWW think of the germs!

9.Tell us about your dearest childhood friend.
I'm still in touch with heaps of my childhood friends via face book.  I was a tomboy so there were two boys I hung around with and we did everything together.  One of them asked me to marry him when we were about 6 y.o., then when he started high school he got picked on so dumped me.  I was devastated. We still secretly kept in touch but if any of his friends were around we had to pretend we didn't like each other.  Then we drifted apart when we were about 16.

10.Is there a household task that belongs to your husband?
Well Bear would do everything for me if I allowed him to.  Whilst I'm mobile I like to do most household chores though except ....IRONING.  When my children were in secondary school their ironed clothes lived on the floor and so did Bears.  So one day I went on strike and have never ironed since.  Also I  never fill the car with fuel as it gives me asthma.  (Good excuse)

 1.Have you ever smoked pot? How old were you when you the first time? Do you still enjoy?
No way jose.  I would have been too scared to smoke anything and the smell of cigarettes gives me asthma anyway.

12.If it is cold what do you wear in bed?
Our winters aren't very cold, so the only thing I wear to bed is Bear wrapped around me.

13. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Share any story you fell comfortable with.
I waited for Mr Right to come along, so was 22 after we became engaged.  Bear had a little hatchback so we did it in that, which was  awkward, we managed some how though.  This is not ours but similar.


14.Think of something you did as a kid which you were glad your parents never found out about. If you were a perfect child you can say "perfect" but the rest of us will hate you for it.
I wasn't perfect but as with the smoking I was too scared to do things.  Not only were my mum and dad strict but I had 4 older siblings who treated me like they were my parents. Unfortunately one sister still does. GRRR!  A friend asked me to wag school with her one day and I was too scared to do that.  See I was a wimp.

15. Boob question!
Think Goldilocks and the three  Bears.
Do you think your boobs are
a. too big
b. too small
c.just right
d.all of the above is not a valid answer.

I think mine are too big but Bear thinks they're perfect.


Great meme Ella, thank you so much.


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Welcome to my pity party!

Ready to come back to the real world after being a hermit for a few weeks.  So much has happened here  wasn't going to bore you, but you won't understand my comments otherwise.  So grab yourself a drink, some nibbles and welcome to my pity party.

Firstly my poor brother died at the beginning of February, after suffering with cancer for well over 10 years.  Bear told me to ring him over the Australia Day weekend.  I said no as its family time, unfortunately he went into palliative care in and out of consciousness. I was devastated that I didn't listen to Bear when he told me to ring. 
 Then my 2nd eldest sister attacked me on face book and sent me heaps of disgusting emails. Therefore with all this  I totally lost confidence in myself and withdrew.  Then I became quite sick and couldn't get out of bed as I was too dizzy and tired all the time. Eventually went to the doctor after Jan insisted and she thinks it was stress. My Bear sure knew how to take care of me during this time,  no actual spanking, but plenty of hard swats to stop my bad attitude. 

Then a quick visit to see our family. It  was our youngest daughters  30th birthday, so we went down this past weekend to surprise her.  It was exactly what I needed to bring me back to normal or as near as normal as can be.  Cuddles from my children and six out of seven grandchildren.  Little J wouldn't let me near him.  My son said I was looking really good, which was so sweet as he usually doesn't hand out compliments,  this boosted me up considerably.

Sorry PK, I didn't take your advice about my sister, been paying big time with that.  Bear and I have discussed the matter and he thinks it best for now to keep the enemy close and see what she's up to.  She has totally ignored me since that day.

Also thank you Jan for giving me the shove I needed to go see the doctor.  Otherwise I would have been struggling along still.

Anyway on a brighter note an update on Don.  He is progressing well and heading home Friday which is wonderful.  Always better to recoup in your own surroundings. I told him to check out the post on his last update, which he will probably do once settled down again.

Will have to get around to doing Ella's meme as been seeing everyone's and they all look great.

Make sure you give those near and dear a hug and tell them you love them as you never know what tomorrow will bring.  Life is too short for regrets!

Take care,
Hugs Lindy from down under.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Update on Don from Downunder Don

For those of you who read my post on  'Life saving change' and saw Dons reply saying he has three disks in his cervical spine which need removing, here is an update. 

 Don sent me an email yesterday to say his operation was a success, the disks have been removed and his spine fused in that area.  He is being transferred  to a rehab hospital for a week or two until he has made a full recovery.

Lets all wish Don a speedy recovery and send him positive healing vibes and our love.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...