Monday, 23 September 2019


I'm alive and ever so grateful to my two wonderful blogger friends, Baker and Kanga Jo.

Just over a week ago I went to bed one night with the room spinning. No I wasn't drunk, as haven't touched a drop of alcohol since June, to try help my inflammation. 

I thought the reason  might be I was either tired or having a reaction to something I ate, so would wake up feeling fabulous in the morning.

Not so, I felt really dizzy the next day and all week. I slept most of my days  and nights away, just couldn't get enough zzzzz.

By Thursday Bear was extremely worried, so suggested I take my blood pressure.  He  quickly charged the batteries to our machine, sat me down and away the machine buzzed. The cuff was getting tighter and tighter the higher it was going up. Then it came down, eeekkkk, sure enough the reading  was sky high.  

Bear then rang to make an appointment for me to see the doctor the next day, thinking all will be well. I assured Bear it would be alright for him to go  do the grocery shopping as usual,  whilst I took a nap.

My phone was pinging, so I checked my messages to find Baker and Kanga asking how I was going. When I told then my bp they were both shocked, then I informed them Bear was shopping, I was going to take a nap. 

 I swear I could hear them both yelling

 'No you're not, take your bp again.'

 I did and it was still high. all I wanted to do was have a nap, those annoying girls keeping me awake, grr. After toing and froing  for a bit with me being stubborn and them telling me to ring the ER, they finally convinced me to ring nurse on call.

I was thinking this is all over reacting, I'm alright, I hate making trouble just want to go to sleep. 

In the end I rang just to give them peace of mind. The nurse asked me 100 and one questions, then said with everything you've told me you have to either go see your gp or go to the ER within 6 hours. What, oh no that doesn't sound good. She asked me if I wanted her to ring my doctor or an ambulance. 

'No thanks I'll be fine.'

 Before hanging up she asked me what I would have done if my friends hadn't insisted I call her. When I told her waited until tomorrow, she laughed.

 I rang  my clinic straight away expecting them to say no available appointments. They told me to come in, so next step was to ring Bear at shopping. My one thought was he will be angry with me for interrupting. Silly me!

He was extremely concerned all along. Off we trotted to the doctors where she took my bp.  Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. 

 Relax, take some deep breaths and we'll try again. Pump pump pump up goes the thingymebob. Oh dear not looking good! 

She then proceeded to look through my history asking questions. Also checked my last blood test results. Found some worrying information which my other doctor never bothered to relay to me. Finally decided I needed to come off one medication which might be causing this problem and go on blood pressure meds. Took her about 30 minutes to find some which are suitable and not contain gluten. Why on earth do they add gluten to medication?

I left there with strict  instructions to take my bp daily and if it goes up again to ring her straight away. So far it has been high but not overly high. Until lunch time today when I took it.

 WWWEEEELLLL my advice to you all, don't take your bp whilst you man  talks sexy and threatens to twist your nipples. 

 Boy did my bp sky rocket way over 200.  After I calmed down and rechecked, it was back to my usual high.  I'm not out of the woods yet, but staying positive things will improve.

So I owe both Baker and Kanga a huge thank you for possibly saving my life. Both Bear and I appreciate your nagging me into doing the right thing. Sorry I was so stubborn! LOL!

Thank you my lovely friends. 
Hugs Lindy xx

Sunday, 1 September 2019


It's a miracle! After meeting Kanga Jo, Bear seems to have a spring in his step at last.

He has been  suffering with IPS (itchy palm syndrome). Every opportunity he found I was on the receiving end of hard swats. Now I think I've told you before Bear never spanks lightly,  that also applies to his swats. His hand is like a paddle when applied to my derriere.

We had made soup in the slow cooker for Wednesday night, the day we met Kanga. Will diverge a bit first. I was making potato and leek soup, Bear decided it would be nice with a tin of tomatoes in it. Let me tell you DO NOT  alter the recipe, blergh, it was revolting.  Thursday morning said soup was tossed in the rubbish bin, slow cooker washed and I was attempting to put it away. For some reason it lives up the top of our linen cupboard, which is silly as it is so heavy.

To be able to put it away I had to climb the kitchen step ladder,  Bear always has fun when I'm up on this. He handed me the slow cooker which I struggled to lift up to the top shelf. Whilst doing so, he whipped my jeans and knickers down to apply sharp swats to my unprotected tushy. Mind you where this cupboard is situated is a huge glass window, so both the back neighbours who are in a two storey house and our side neighbours could have seen our shenanigans.


By the time I had managed between fits of giggles to place the slow cooker away my tushy was stinging. I think Bear applied at least 12 or more HARD swats.

During the afternoon every time I passed him I copped a swat or two.

After dinner I was rinsing the dishes ready to stack the dish washer, when Bear grabbed me from behind for a cuddle. He then had the brilliant idea we should christen Kanga's brush, as I mentioned she gifted him in my previous post.

No warm up or anything. Up with my nightie and dressing gown, bent me over the kitchen chair  and away he went enjoying every moment.

Wallop... ouch... Kanga said to do it softly.

What's the fun in that?

Wallop   ...ouch too hard

Little tappy tappies please.

Yeah right no such thing in Bears books. Wallop.....whack......ouch.
Bear commented on how nice and red my tush was looking all the time applying one whack after the other.

Kanga I honestly don't know how you think the bamboo brush  is nice. I can testify in my mans hands nothing is nice. LOL!

Yesterday I went out with some friends to a photo exhibition, on our return I invited them in for a coffee. Then spotted the brush on the table where Bear had left it. Luckily it has multiple uses, not like the time the canes were left out. OOPS! We need to be more careful. LOL!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. 
Hugs Lindy xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...