Saturday, 28 November 2015


The school bell rang and all the students filed into their classrooms.  As usual the teacher stood at the front of the class.

'Good morning everybody.'

'Good morning PK.'

Then PK makes an announcement..........

 'It has been brought to my attention that one of our fellow students has destroyed good literature.  This has really stressed me out to the point I think this person should be punished.'

All the students gasped as they couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing.

'Will that person please come to the front of the class and explain what they did.'

  PK said 'I want you to take this note to the principals office immediately. I'm not happy with you at all and you deserve a spanking for destroying spanking literature.  What a sin to commit!'

  Hanging my head in shame I took the note and head out the door to the principals office.

                  Go to the principals office directly, do not pass go,  do not collect $200.

As I walk along the corridor my legs feel like jelly and I have huge butterflies in my tummy.

Knock knock!

 The principal calls out

 Once he sees me he says.....
'not you AGAIN Lindy, how many times have you visited my office this week?  What have you done this time young lady?'

'I destroyed literature Sir, so Pk has ordered me to be spanked.'

 I hand over the note to him and as he reads it he gets a smirk on his face, as he thinks its very interesting she has asked for particular implements.

'So how many stories have you destroyed young lady?'

I whisper 'Three Sir.'

'MMMM sounds like you do deserve to learn a valuable lesson.  Come over here and bend over my desk .'

'Please  Sir can't I just write lines or have a detention?' 

'No definitely not this is too serious a matter, a spanking is called for immediately.'

On wobbly legs I proceed to walk to Principal Bears desk and bend over.

 He raises my skirt and says  
'of course those panties must come down also.'

 I start to protest but he quickly stops me by saying would you like extras young lady?
So Principal Bear puts his finger into the waist band of my panties and lowers them to my knees.

 He grabs the wooden ruler off his desk and starts slowly spanking me. 

 I'm just lying there calmly so he thinks its not making any impression, so turns the ruler on its side and continues.  This produces the reaction he is looking for as I'm now ouching and ooowwwing which he thinks is funny. After giving me a good warming with the wooden ruler he says time to move onto the belt.

'I should use my heavy belt but will go easy on you and use my lighter belt.'

I thank him as I hate the heavy belt.  Even when he applies it lightly it still stings.  So he goes to his draw to retrieve the belt and starts swinging lightly and slowly builds up.  He strikes so hard after a while I'm finding it hard to stay in position and start squirming around trying to avoid the sting which is building up.  Principal Bear is admiring how red it is looking, then ups his swing even harder.  My eyes are starting to water, yet I'm still laughing for some reason.  So he thinks my bottom is too tough and uses more force. On every stroke I'm ouching and trying to move away from it but he continues admiring his handy work.  He loves seeing how red my bottom becomes.

I start begging him to stop saying 'I will be a good girl from now on and won't destroy any literature again I promise. '
 He continues  on for at least another 10 strokes then decides I've learnt my lesson. He lectures me and asks why I deleted the stories.

I tell him 'the stories sound good in my head, then when I come to write them it doesn't look as good, so I lose my confidence and press delete.  All my friends write much better spanking stories and I feel like a failure.'

He is not pleased with my answer that I thought they were stupid and not good enough to be added to PK's  Fantasy Friday blog.
Principal Bear doesn't allow me to put myself down and says...

 'That is a punishable offence in itself.' 

 He thinks my bottom has had enough for one day and assures me there will be another spanking in my near future.

Then to my horror Principal Bear calls a full school assembly straight away, marches me in on very wobbly legs and onto the stage.  He told me I have to make an apology to PK firstly then to the whole of blog land school.

  I turn to PK and say .......

 'I'm so sorry PK for destroying literature and promise never to do it again.  In future I will keep it and revisit it to see how I can improve. Please, please, please forgive me PK?'

PK tells me 'I have to apologise to all  the people out there in blog land who read her Fantasy Friday. '
 'Sorry fellow bloggers for deleting my stories.  It won't happen again I promise. Hope you all enjoy reading future stories of mine. When I recover from this humiliating spanking.'

Have a good week
Hugs Lindy

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


To all my American blog friends Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends.  Enjoy your holidays and don't over indulge.

Happy Spanksgiving 
Hugs Lindy


Here is another meme from Ella.  Have you ever, ever,  evers.......

1.  Said something very rude to a doctor during childbirth?

With my first two babies I was very placid and didn't say boo. Then when I was having  my third baby  I let it rip.  I had an older doctor and had asked him not to send Bear out at all during my labor.  So what does he do, sends him out and he nearly missed the birth. I wasn't aware of it at the time but a midwife told me the next day I dropped the F bomb telling him to get my husband back in.

2.  Seen someone pop their eyeball out?

No think I would be sick if I did.  We had a one eyed cat that was bad enough.

3.  Had your stomach pumped?

No and hope I never have to.

4.  Been to a drag show with a very large gay man?

Been to a drag show yes many years ago

5.  Eaten a worm?


6.  Run a nifty, little money-making business when you were 11-12 years old buying girlie magazines for the boys in the neighbourhood?

No my money making was a newspaper for the neighbourhood.  I interviewed local people and did a weekly paper which I sold to them.

7.  Crawled through an underground storm sewer for 5 blocks?

No I'm not a ninja turtle

8.  Lied about your weight?

Yes when both my brother and one of my sisters asked me how much I weighed after losing so much weight.

9.  Needed your husband to help you up the stairs because you were inebriated?

Only on one occasion when it was a special birthday ending in a _0.

10.  Seen a movie star in an airport?

Not in an airport but walking along the beach. 

11.  Walked out of a movie?

yes when we were first married Bear took me to a movie and I was so scared we left.

12.  Sat on a jury?

No been called up but luckily enough we were going away so got out of it.

13.  Told a child, "Because I said so."

Yes more so to my grandchildren rather than my own children.

14.  Ran a cash register in a small grocery store when you were 8 years old?

No I have worked in retail though but not when I was 8.

15.  Wrote a eulogy for a parent?

Not for my parents but Bears mum.  Our son conducted the funeral service and we all said our bit.

16.  Heard a song you were sure was written and sung just for you?

sure have but can't remember it now.  My dad always used to sing a song when I was little went something like 'And your daddies little girl' 

17.  Roasted chestnuts on an open fire?

no don't think I've ever had a chest nut

18.  Eaten 44 shrimp at one sitting?

Eaten shrimps (prawns) but not 44.  We usually have bbq prawns for new years eve.

19.  Thrown all phones in a drawer for the entire weekend?

no sounds like a good idea though.  Maybe that is the next thing Bear and I should do.

20.  Gone on a vacation all by yourself?

Yes and hated it.  I was so lonely so never repeated that experience.

Thanks for the fun meme Ella.  I enjoyed doing this one.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Banned from face book as a punishment

Last week Bear  banned me from going on face book for a week to see if it improved my moods.  At first I though NO WAY  I can't last a week without checking in each day.  I was allowed to still have contact with our girls via inbox on my phone as this didn't allow me to see what was happening on FB.  To make it easier Bear decided to join me.

Our usual lunch time routine used to be eat lunch, then check our fb on our phones.  Mostly Bear would be tagging me in various things instead of just showing me.  Even though he was sitting right next to me at the table.  So the break from this was fantastic.  We actually communicated more during the week off FB and enjoyed it. Also I managed to get my craft room sorted and heaps of crafts finished. From now on we are limiting our access so we don't spend so much wasted time on there.

During the week though I did have one slip up where I thought I was going to an inbox message from D1 but she had tagged me in a FB message which took me directly into it.  I felt really guilty and confessed to Bear expecting to face the consequences.  To my surprise he said don't worry about it as he had just done the exact same thing.  From then on I was extra careful not to repeat this mistake.

Our week off face book has taught us that it is like having a bucket of water, putting your hand in and pulling it back out.  You haven't left an impression behind.  I was amazed that during the week of my absence no one bothered to contact me to check if I was alright.  Particularly seeing I'm on FB so much and share lots of quotes on there.

Strangely enough once our week was up we found this  dare to stay off for 3 months.  Just have to find someone to pay me the $3 million  and I'm in.  Anyone want to join me?  Although I would miss my blogging friends too much I think.

Hugs Lindy

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza returns!

It must have been this time last year when I was a lurker I looked on with envy at my now fellow bloggers partaking in this recipe exchange.  I so wished I could have joined in the fun.  So this year I've contacted Jz to add my name to the list.
Hope you are all interested,  will be fun to see everyone's recipes and especially find some new gluten free ones to try.
Copied from Jz    from    A Reluctant Bitch........
"Dust off your baking pans, because on Wednesday, December 9th 2015

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza returns!

Won't YOU please join us?

It's easy to play along. 

Just post a recipe that day for a holiday goodie -- any goodie. 

It doesn't have to be for cookies… or even be sweet.

We do not discriminate against any goodie.

(We are equal opportunity consumers around here.)

That's pretty much all there is to it.

The single catch is that there's only one way to get your name in the official list of participants: You have to contact me (Jz) by Monday, Dec. 7th with both your name and the address of your blog."
Hugs Lindy

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mystery downunder

Something mysterious is happening downunder which I can't quite explain. Most of last week I was feeling in such a weird mood, kept putting myself down by saying things which Bear doesn't allow me to do, and was generally not a nice person to be around.  The little voices in my head tried saying stop doing it you are being stupid and the other voices kept encouraging me to carry on. I had a case of the CBFs, felt a tight feeling in my chest and was tired all the time even though I was sleeping properly. I was supposed to be meeting a group of ladies from one of my groups for afternoon tea last Thursday but didn't go as I was feeling anti social and just wanted to be a hermit.

Bear was pulling his hair out and he wasn't sleeping as he was worried about my behaviour.  I had a daily trip OTK for a sound spanking with his NICE belt to try to pull me back in.  This worked temporarily by making me feel better as I love his nice  belt.  Then the next morning wham the nasty Lindy reared her head again.  Bear even took me to one of our favourite cafes for afternoon tea and a walk along the beach which I usually love.

I was talking to our girls  about it and they both mentioned how they felt exactly the same. They were both treating their partners horribly and couldn't fathom why they were doing it. Then we found out a lot of our female friends also felt this way.  Exact same tight feeling in the chest and in a really bad mood for no apparent reason. So I said to my girls I wonder if it is the phase of the moon or something.  We ruled out hormonal as a cause. The feeling is starting to shift but what ever it is I hope it doesn't visit again too soon.

Bear has stepped up his Domish ( is there such a word)  ways with me by saying did I give you permission to do  what ever it is I am doing.  To which I respond in the sweetest voice I can 'No Sir', so then I have to ask him. He also insists on me calling him Sir more.  We went to the movies this afternoon to see The Martian which was absolutely great.  Before we went he warned me to behave  or   I would be in big trouble.  I'm pleased to say we sat through the whole movie holding hands and I was on my best behaviour.

I wonder if it is something to do with what's happening  in the  world.  Especially the recent incident in Paris, those poor innocent people.  I am so worried for  our children and grandchildren. What does the future hold for them all.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


I'm so excited to be joining in LOVE OUR LURKERS 10th ANNIVERSARY this year.

I was a lurker until this year then I came out after writing a story for PK from New Beginnings.  Would love to get to know everyone out there.  So if you are hiding behind your computer and shy like I was don't be afraid to drop by and say 'Hi'.  Always fun to meet new lurkers and bloggers.

Pull up a  comfortable chair, make yourself a cuppa and tell me a little bit about yourself and what the name of your blog is if you have one.   If you don't maybe you should think about writing one.  I certainly hesitated but now you can't stop me. Sometimes I think maybe I'm boring everyone with my blogs but guess they don't have to read them if they choose not to. Or maybe leave an anonymous comment if you prefer. 

A little about myself.  I'm happily married for over 35 years and Bear and I have spiced up our life with TTWD which has brought us even closer.  I used to think there was something wrong with me for wanting to be spanked.  I have since learnt through blogs there are heaps of like minded people out there is blog land.  So feel free to comment, ask questions or just say 'Hi'. We share practically everything and I have learnt heaps from other bloggers which makes me feel better.

Also an added bonus I'm now emailing two other bloggers and exchanging gluten free recipes.  So who knows where TTWD leads in meeting people!

So come out, come out where ever you are!

Thanks Hermione for hosting  this years LOL day.  Hope everyone has fun. cheers Lindy

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Noisy residence!

Meet our latest visitors.  We arrived home from our shopping trip today to find we not only have one koala, but two in our tree outside our bedroom.  Last night we heard weird noises which were similar to a motor bike revving.  Apparently it is mating season so the buck in the close ups was trying to get the female hiding amongst the leaves,  interested in a bit of sex.

Our neighbour told us if she has a baby in her pouch, he will kill it just to have sex with her.  Obviously koalas don't stick to one partner. Guess tonight is going to be another noisy night.

So for years we have heard overseas people ask do kangaroos and koalas really walk down the street in Australia.  Living in the city our answer to that was no they are only found in paddocks.  Well after living in our current area we can now answer yes they do.  It is not uncommon to see a koala wonder inside a shop or down the street past all the cafes.  Kangaroos roam up and down the streets and also when we drive to Mt Gambier in South Australia from our house we also see heaps of emus wandering around the pine plantations.  We are never too old to learn something new.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

role reversals

On Saturday I decided to Spring clean my craft room.  So firstly emptied it completely, then asked Bear to help me rearrange the furniture.  After the two of us struggled to move the sofa bed which we didn't realise was so heavy,  I plonked myself down on it before proceeding to do anything else.

Bear asked me in his HOH voice  'Did I give you permission to sit down'.  I cheekily replied well spank me then.  Funnily enough he placed himself over my knee and said 'Spank me I've been a naughty boy'.  I only managed to spank him four times over his jeans then he hopped up quickly declaring he is the spanker  in our house, as he didn't like that at all.

Have any of you ever reversed your roles with your HOH and tried spanking them?  I very much doubt it will be happening again in our house  but it was fun to try.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Giggling teenagers

Well that was an interesting week with our daughter and grandson staying here. Little J, 7 y.o. is special needs so we learnt 101 ways to have a melt down and get your own way.  Bear tried enforcing 'its our house this is the way its done' to no avail.  His poor Mumma is exhausted from being on the go constantly with him as he hardly sleeps.  So she took advantage of catching up on extra sleep whilst we entertained little J.  He only communicates through his ipad, which is interesting as he talks with several different accents.

Bears palm became very twitchy with me and he took advantage every time we were in a room alone to give me a hard swat.  Also after being sick for over a week, then family staying he wanted a bit of action in both the spanky and lovey fields.  We thought we were safe once our daughter took Little J out to watch a ship departing.  So we snuck off to the bedroom for some fun.  Bear only closed the door over instead of completely shut AND we got sprung.  OOPS!

Then every night Bear was in the mood in bed but our bed is a bit noisy and our bedroom is only a short distance from the guest room.  We started getting passionate, then squeak, squeak of our silly bed  which turned us into teenagers  giggling like trying to hide from parents.  Mr Spanky Man took full advantage as soon as our daughter and Little J drove away yesterday.  I was nervous they might return for some reason and get sprung again, so couldn't relax.

So hopefully back to normal living until Christmas time now.  I do love having them here  and miss them terribly  but it is so tiring, so we feel like we need a holiday to recover.

have a good week Lindy


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...