Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it.  It's starting to catch on a bit more in Australia, probably not as much as my American friends.  Hope for those of you who trick or treat you receive some nice things. We don't usually have anyone call around, although we are prepared with some lollipops.

I've been made an admin of one of the photo groups I belong to.  This week was my turn to pick the prompts, so I thought I would have a bit of fun with Halloween theme photos.  The head of the group was not at all pleased with my choices telling me that no one in the group does Halloween.  Well to my delight, everyone is getting into the spirit and posting some awesome photos.  I feel like I've achieved something.  LOL!

I have a question for all my author friends in blog land.  As there are several different Amazon sites and I buy mine through amazon.com.au do you receive notification when someone does a book review?  Once I read a book, I straight away review it before I forget.  I've been finding that I'm the only one in the land down under who has either read or reviewed these books.  Wonder how many are sold down here or am I the only one who reads dirty books as my daughter calls them.

Nothing much been happening around here, plenty of GGs and MFLs, time is sure flying though.  I've joined a group called mermaids (aqua aerobics).  Its fun and keeping me fit along with bike riding.  On most days there are around 20 mermaids and one very brave merman, he laps up all the attention. Had D1 and little J visit recently for Bear's birthday.  D1 definitely knows about our life style now, as whilst she was here I was on the receiving end of constant swats.  One in particular happened when I was washing the lunch dishes.  Bear had filled the sink with straight hot water which I didn't know until I immersed my hands.  I let out an exclamation FAR OUT!  Both Bear and D1 thought I dropped the F bomb, so Bear gave me one almighty hard swat, which hurt so much,  I said FAR OUT again. D1 said there you go again dropping the F bomb you deserve a spanking.  LOL!  This is coming from Ms Potty mouth herself. 

Its still rather chilly here surprisingly.  We can be in the mid teens yet where our children live they are having temperatures 30c+.   We had packed away our winter woollies only to rescue them again as the winds are so icy.

Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying life to the max with plenty of spanky business.

Hugs Lindy xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...