Monday, 28 March 2016

News about our Jan over at an English Rose

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

Can we all send positive healing vibes to our Jan over at  an English Rose. She is feeling poorly again and had to return to hospital Friday as she was bleeding heavily.  After being kept in overnight she was discharged on antibiotics.  They think it could be an infection but if it occurs again she will require further surgery.

So at the moment she is feeling queasy, agitated and so tired.  Jan didn't want to blog about it as thought it was moaning.  I convinced her that everyone would be concerned for her and its not moaning.  Her family are all rallying around  doing everything.

Therefore Jan can't reply to any blog comments at the moment.  Hopefully she will be back to her happy self again real soon.  Wishing you a speedy recovery our sweet Jan, we all miss you in blog land.

Thursday, 24 March 2016



Jumping in early as we will be busy over the next few days.
Bear and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Hope you all have a lovely time celebrating with family and friends.  If  travelling anywhere please stay safe on the roads.

I'm really excited as our son and his family are coming to visit tomorrow, Good Friday.  Only trouble is Bear has told me to be on my best behaviour as our DIL rubs me up the wrong way.  Pity our son doesn't spank her, as she sure deserves it. So I'm polishing my angel wings,  halo and zipping my lip. 

 Boy will that be hard, I might send out an S.O.S. to be rescued if things get tough over here.

Will try to pop in when I have spare time to see how you're all going.

Hope the Easter bunny brings you heaps of yummy choccies or spankings.

Happy Easter
Hugs Lindy

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Minelle asks.... I answer

Minelle asked........

Sorry I am late here! I was away this weekend!
Okay here's a kinda silly question!
I used to read tons of Harlequins in my adolescence and very young adult life! Many were based in Australia ( in the Outback) and had romance with HOH men who spanked! Did you ever read books like that....? Do you laugh at others perception of Australia?
I sometimes smile at my youthful naïveté!

Well you stumped me a bit with this Minelle,  as I have never been to the outback and wasn't an avid reader when young.  So I sent an email to Don asking him if he could help answer.  He said he hasn't read romance novels.  LOL!  So with the two of us putting our heads together hopefully we have come up with a satisfactory answer for you.  Here goes........

Australia is a big continent and most people tend to live close to the edge as one of my friends likes to put it.  She was on a tour which took her through the middle of Australia when she had a panic attack.  The only thing she kept repeating to her traveling friends was "I need to get to the edge."  Her friends had no idea what was meant by this, until one realised she had to be near the coast.

My Bear is also like this, he needs to be close to the edge (sea), so we have never and don't think we will ever travel into outback Australia.  Anyway enough of my ramblings back to your question Minelle........

People in Australia are similar to everywhere else in the world.  We are BIG......small.....FAT.....skinny and everything else in between,  all shapes and sizes.  Everyone eats, sleeps and some like us are into spanking.   Although that seems to be hush, hush, no one talks about it, wish they would.  Country people tend to be a lot quieter than city folks.  I have also noticed country folks are well mannered.  In our town you can be walking down the street just heading towards the pedestrian crossing and the cars have already stopped to let you cross.  Where as in the city people are always in a hurry, rude and would probably try to race through the crossing so they  didn't have to stop.

outback home
city homes

Another thing about our little town on New Years Eve drinking is allowed in the streets, yet there hasn't been any problems since we've moved down here.  Where as in the city alcohol brings out the worst in people and nine times out of 10  a fight would break out.  Can't vouch for other country areas though.

It is  portrayed that kangaroos walk down the main street, which is so funny.  Maybe in some smaller country areas they wander more freely, definitely not in the city though.  On occasions we have a koala visit and stays the night in our gum tree. So  I guess it is funny how others perceive how we live in Australia, but then again we probably perceive  other countries way of life  differently also.

Now I'll have to go look up those books your talking about.  Although  I'm sure the books written by our friends are way better than way back then.

Thank you for your question Minelle, it was really interesting and made me stop and think.  Thank you Don for your help in answering this,  I appreciate it.

Hugs Lindy

Friday, 18 March 2016


 My Bear is almost back to normal.  We've had such a weird week both with our activities and our weather.

About October last year I was asked if I would be interested in publishing a year book for our club.  We had only been members for a few months, so I was a bit hesitant, as didn't know the others that well. Bear and I had talked about it, he said he would prefer if I didn't, as he knew it would stress me out. Nothing else was mentioned UNTIL this last Tuesday at the AGM when the new president asked me if I am interested again.  I wriggled my way out of it by saying I'm not really all that good on the computer.  She questioned me though, as I've been in a photo a day group and she likes my photos. Luckily Bear stepped in saying there must be a more experienced member.

This would be their first year book, so we think they would have high expectations.  Yet no one was telling me how to put it together, it was all up to me.  I could see the smile dissolving off A face, which made me feel terrible.  As usually I would do anything I'm asked even if it makes me uncomfortable. In this case I leaned into Bear and followed his lead.

So for the rest of the day I felt really flat.  Then that night I had a few nasty attacks on face book adding my point of view to my own page. That night I went to bed in such a terrible mood, Bear noticed so gave me a lovely stress relief spanking.  Unfortunately it didn't last long enough as he ran out of energy.  Don't you just hate it when you are feeling so relaxed and wanting it to go on longer.  I asked Bear for more and was told NO!

Wednesday we both had eye appointments as before Bear became sick he had trouble with his vision whilst driving.  So we both went in together, Bear went first whilst I watched.  The guy doing the test kept asking him can he see certain letters.....NO...... can you see that ......NO.....what about that.  By the time he could see the letters they would have been 12 inches- 30cms high and this was with his glasses on,  I was so shocked.  It was discovered he has a cataract in one eye and is virtually blind in that eye.  EEEKKK!  Now e have to wait for him to see a specialist at the end of April for n operation date.

Seeing most of our spankings seem to be at night when Bear doesn't wear his glasses, I think I need a bullseye  target painted on my backside. This way he knows where to aim.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday)  I went to afternoon tea with two ladies from my club.  Once again A asked me about the year book.  AWKWARD!  She dropped it though after asking for a few different ideas for our meetings.  She was happy with my suggestions, so hopefully that will keep her off my back for a while.
At the end of afternoon tea I thought Bear was picking me up and he thought I was getting a lift with someone else. It was 36C  after being in the mid 20c for a while, so really hard to take.  I trotted off towards home thinking Bear would spot me along the way. Arrived home to our car in the drive and an angry Bear.  I was hot and bothered but soon another part of me was also hot and sore after Bear spanked me for being so stupid walking in the heat.
After having the split system on cool for the 36C - 96.8F yesterday, today we have it on heat as its been 16C - 60.8F, raining and windy.  Silly weather you never know where you are.  Four seasons in one day.
I'm still to cash in my spankings from the other week but guess they will be coming before too long.  In the mean time I'm going to try to be an angel and keep my wings in place by behaving.  Would you like to take a bet on that.  LOL!   
 Our plans for the next few months will have to be changed  as  we won't be able to travel very far.  My DIL spilt the beans on my surprise birthday party anyway,  looks like that can't go ahead   now.        Oh well them' s the breaks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Have a great weekend everyone, hope its full of fun times.
Hugs Lindy

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day

Hope you all had a Happy St Patrick's Day.  Always good to have an excuse to celebrate.  So being Australian born  of Irish Grandparents we usually do something for St Paddy's Day.

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.
Hugs Lindy     

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Leaning in and questions.

Funny how one blog can lead into an avalanche with a lot of us blogging similar things. During this week I read three of our friends blogs Ella, Katie and Meredith's about leaning in to our men.

I guess I've been guilty of taking over these past weeks whilst Bear has been sick, especially this last week.  We also had an appointment with our financial advisor as our investment was maturing.  So Bear and I discussed prior to this how we needed to reinvest so much of the money and withdraw a certain amount to live on for the next 12 months.

During the appointment Bear was sort of fumbling, as with being sick he seems to be a bit muddled, forgetting things.  When our financier asked how much we wanted to reinvest, Bear didn't answer so I jumped in and took over.  Oops! Bear gave me a look that told me to watch my step. 

So I soon closed my big mouth again and let him do the rest of the talking, I was only trying to help after all.

On a second occasion when Bear and I attended his doctors appointment, she ordered a variety of tests for Bear.  Then turned to me saying I think you should have the blood tests also.  I agreed but blurted out I'm not having all the other tests though.  The doctor turned to Bear and said you have a cheeky one there.  He just laughed at the time with a strange look on his face.

So besides sorting out our financial business I've also banked a few spankings  these past weeks.  Wonder how much interest I can accumulate on them and when they will mature.

We still have over half the month of March to go, so anymore questions either for me or Bear?  Minelle you said you wanted to ask something, go ahead.  It was fun answering everyone's questions.

We had a really nice quiet day celebrating our anniversary.  No action happening around here lately but that doesn't matter, it was nice just being in each others company.  I cooked a special meal which brought back memories of when I cooked dinner shortly after we were married.   It was supposed to be dinner by cande light,  Bear switched on the lights saying he couldn't see what he was eating.  The other day I lit the candles, then switched off the lights. We are still in daylight savings here, so doesn't get dark until late, it was hard getting the house as dark as possible.   Bear went around turning the lights back on again.  Talk about deja vu.  In the end we had a lovely romantic dinner by candle light.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Answers to Don's, Ella's and Amy's questions

Don asks.........Do you and Bear talk about what he gets out of spanking; what is his reward?

Thank you for your questions Don......Yes we often talk about what Bear gets out of spanking me.  It really depends on his mood.  Sometimes Bear isn't in the mood to give me a spanking but does anyway, gets it over with and that's the end.  At those times it seems he only does it for my benefit as he likes to see me happy.

Other times he surprises me by coming up whilst I'm doing something, bends me over and spanks away.  He gets a kick out of seeing my bottom turning red when he's in these moods.  Then one thing leads to another and we do our special dance.

His reward would be

Bear would do absolutely anything to see me happy and I really appreciate it and likewise do the same for him.  We are soulmates and best friends.

Ella asks............ Was spanking your idea or Bear's?
When one of you brought up the idea, what was the other's reaction?

Thank you for your questions Ella.......Shortly after we became engaged something happened so we made a bet with each other.  I told Bear if I win he could spank me,  I can't remember what he wanted if he won.  He obviously liked that idea as he didn't wait for the result.  Took me over his knee straight away and that was my first spanking. 

So I guess the answer to your second question, it must have excited Bear seeing he spanked then and there.  It is a very long time ago as I was 22, so hard to think back that far.

We often make bets with each other now.  Bears version if I'm right I get spanked,  if he's right I get spanked.  So its a win-win situation for me.  LOL! 

Amy asks......I was curious if adult spanking is something that is readily accepted in Australia or if it is something that you hide between Bear and you. I don't think you live there anymore. What about where you are now? Amy

Thank you for you question Amy.  Unfortunately spanking doesn't seem to be something readily accepted here in Australia.  Bear and I never talk to anyone else about it as we are worried what their opinion would be.  I only know a small number of people down here  who do talk about it and they are  fellow bloggers anyway.

It's a pity it isn't spoken about more as really it's nothing to be ashamed about.  Every couple is different and what works for one couple is totally different to what works for another. Is it something more out in the open where you live Amy or only amongst our blog friends?  We still live in Australia, just moved from S.E. Victoria to S.W. Victoria which is 500kms from our old home town.

Thank you all for your questions, its been fun answering them.  Still time if anyone else has a question.

Good news Bear is slowly improving and his results from the doctor are fairly good.  He does have low white blood cells which could just mean he has been in contact with a virus.  The doctor suggested doing scopes but Bear, being Bear  said no.  If it happens again though there will have to be further investigations.  My main worry is he has lost so much weight without even trying.  So I still think something is going on.

Anyway tomorrow is our 37th wedding anniversary.  We've had to postpone our celebrations due to Bear being sick but hopefully we will have a lovely day anyway.  I told him the main thing is we are together

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

Hugs Lindy and Bear

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Answer to Ronnie's questions

Ronnie asks........How did you choose the title of your blog?

Do you or Bear have a spanking fantasy that you would like to have fulfilled?

Thank you for the questions Ronnie. 

Question 1.   I wanted my blog name firstly to depict the fact that I came from Australia.  So as everyone seems to refer to us as DOWNUNDER  that was my first choice.

The dreaming part represents the life I feel I am dreaming with my Bear leading me and protecting me. We really do have a fantastic life together even though struggling with illnesses at the moment.  Bear is my soulmate and we are  inseparable,  so of course it feels like a huge dream.  Maybe I need to pinch myself to see if I really am dreaming.

Question 2.
Bear had a spanking fantasy which has now been fulfilled.  Since we were younger he always said he wanted to bend me over the arm of a couch to spank me.  We never had a couch with suitable arms, so therefore this couldn't happen. 
 Until we went away a few Christmas's ago and the house we rented had THE COUCH from Bears fantasy.  So every night he bent me over the arm of the couch and spanked me with his belt.  We both enjoyed it, although I ended up with a few bruises.  Except we met our family for a picnic one day whilst away.  I needed a cushion to be able to sit on the park bench.  A spanked bottom on a wooden bench is so uncomfortable. 
Luckily Bear had some beach towels in the car which he folded for me to sit   on.  The kids wondered why it was necessary.  We both looked at each other and giggled.     
I don't really think I have a spanking fantasy.  I've always wanted to make love in a haystack, goodness knows why as I've heard they're scratchy.  So maybe I could have two for the price of one.  Get spanked and then make love in a haystack.  LOL!     
I hope this has answered your questions to your satisfaction Ronnie, thanks once again.
I'll get onto answering your questions shortly Don. Bear is still really sick and we are both busy, busy, busy with appointments.  Hopefully we'll get some answers to what's happening with him soon.
Have a good week everyone.
Hugs Lindy

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March question and answers time

As I wasn't around last March I was unaware of this month being question and answer time. So come join me in my blog and lets party.  Ask away and I'll try to answer your questions, if not here in an email to you.

So ready set go!
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Hugs Lindy


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...