Thursday, 23 June 2016


Not sure if I've received an attitude adjustment before and definitely didn't think I deserved this one.  What the HOH says the little wifey does, without a 'tude.

On Tuesday this week our club had their 5th birthday celebration which both Bear and I were attending.  At the last minute Bear decided he wasn't going as he doesn't really enjoy socialising.  Everyone attending had to make a certain food item, ours being carrot cake and cheese cake.  So on the morning I was busy making sure I had everything I needed packed in the car before I left home.

Went off had a good time, would have been way better with Bear by my side though.  The celebration included a 3 course meal plus plenty of desserts for afternoon tea.  I came home rather happy and not wanting to eat any dinner that night as I was so over full.

Sitting down with a cup of tea discussing the events, when Bear all of a sudden asked, what I'd taken out for dinner.  I explained how I wasn't eating and had forgotten to take anything out.  Wow, my usually sweet, calm Bear had a rant  amongst which he accused me of not being caring.  I was too flabbergasted to say anything just burst into tears like a baby. All my married life I've put Bear and the children first.  Never hesitating to go without myself and one tiny slip up gets me accused of being uncaring.  I realise Bear isn't feeling  100% but didn't think this was justified.  I did cook him a nice meal after all his fussing.


That night I went to bed early as I needed my space.  Wednesday I remembered to take meat out saying sarcastically don't want to be accused of being uncaring again.  Bear gave me THE LOOK as he wasn't very happy with my attitude.  The rest of the day the silence was deafening.  We haven't had a situation like this before as we don't normally fight. 

Today Bear had obviously had enough, so pulled a kitchen chair out and gave me an attitude adjustment I won't forget in a hurry.

Boy that man knows how to spank hard when he wants to, my poor bottom was  fire engine red and very sore by the time he finished.   Afterwards he pulled me into a cuddle, apologised for calling me uncaring,  yet said I deserved that spanking and had it coming for a while.  Pffft!   Who me, I'm usually a little angel. Peace has returned to our little house thank goodness, I hate having disagreements.  I know what you're all going to say DON'T POKE THE BEAR!

Saturday, 18 June 2016


I think my Bear and face book are trying to tell the  universe about our life style.  Has anyone else noticed all the hints on face book regarding spanking lately?  Today my Bear sent me this picture, which reminds me of a time we were sprung by our children.


Have any of you been sprung either whilst  enjoying a spanking or making passionate love?  I've probably mentioned before Bear used to work afternoon shift and I worked day shift.  So during the week we didn't have much time together.  Occasionally my roster would work in our favour so I didn't start until later, then Bear and I took advantage of our alone time.

One day whilst all our children were in secondary school we jumped into bed for a play.  Both of us were really in the moment and didn't hear the front door opening.  Next thing D1 was standing in our bedroom door  screaming "I shouldn't have to see my parents doing THAT sort of thing."  As if we were the ones in the wrong.  She ran off into the backyard hysterical, so I quickly dressed to go calm her down. Apparently she had a free period at school, so decided to come home to study. We should have learnt our lesson from that and dead locked the front door.

No stupid us once again were sprung by our son and dil popping into visit.  They did knock on the front door, then let themselves in when there was no answer.    Bear and I quickly dressed and went out to the lounge room looking very embarrassed or I did at least. What's a person got to do for some privacy in their own home.

At least where we live now there is no chance of any of the kids calling in unexpectedly.

Have a good weekend everyone.  Its rather chilly here today,  hope your summer weather is nice.
Lindy X

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Twitchy palm

Bears palm is becoming very twitchy.  He sent me this photo on face book yesterday, which I replied that someone must be watching him. He's becoming very cheeky.


Anyway I was buzzing around the kitchen organising something for lunch when he pulled me in saying "What's a person have to do for a cuddle around here."  We stood having a wonderful cuddle then his hands wandered to my bottom and started playing one of his favourite things  A drumming tune with spanks getting harder.  I was ouching and squirming before too long, then we both had a fit of the giggles.  Wish it could have led to something else but think that will have to wait.


Gosh I didn't realise before how much Bear spoils me.  I've had to take on a few extra chores over the past few days, one being shopping,  eeek!

OMG  the last time I did the grocery  shopping was when our children lived at home before I started working again.  When have groceries become so expensive?  For two people it was outrageous, so I came home and checked on the calculator to make sure it was correct.  I nearly fainted when the $$$$ came up on the screen.  I thought Bear would have a pink fit, yet I stuck to the shopping list. He said it was a bit more than usual, not excessively high though. So I was a bit nervous that one of these would be in my near future.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week everyone.
Hugs Lindy

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bears op

Bears operation was yesterday (Wednesday).  Since my last post where I hurt my back Bear has been a very strict task master sending me out to the garage everyday to ride the bike to keep my back mobile.

Even when I complained it hurt too much I was sent out with a sharp swat or two.  Then there was what he called the naughty corner. 

This is actually the corner of our kitchen bench.  No I didn't get bent over it for a spanking, I had to stand with my back to it, then force myself to straighten up.  During this week we had D1 offer to drive 500kms to drive us to the hospital, one of our friends offer to drive us.  Then  Bears sister came to our town for a weeks visit with an ulterior motive to drive us on the day.  Bear being stubborn as he is refused all offers, saying he doesn't like relying on anyone, so wanted me to drive no matter what.

Miraculously on the day I think I was running on adrenalin worrying about Bears operation.
Bear drove the 110kms to the hospital.  We had to arrive at midday as he required seven drops in his eyes beforehand, he was third cab on the rank, so went in at 2pm.  So I was told he would be gone for an hour and went to the canteen for a drink to have with my lunch.  I returned within half an hour sitting watching tv with the others in the waiting room.  The hour came and went, I began to over think that something must be wrong, he returned one and half hours as there were a few complications.  After being discharged we had to go to the doctors rooms to make sure everything was in place. 

Then the long drive home with Bear joking he would be alright to drive.  LOL!  I had to put my submissive side away and get tough with him.  Driving home was easier than I thought as Bear fell asleep.  Peaceful!  I guess I might have driven a little bit faster than if he were awake, I still stayed below the speed limit.
We arrived home in record time, had dinner then Bear was in so much pain he went to bed. 

Thankfully today he feels slightly better, still a bit of pain and light sensitive.  We are playing doctors and nurses, only he's not well enough to be the doctor. What a pity!
Tonight whilst preparing dinner he gave me some walk by swats which surprised me. Obviously getting back to his spanky way.

Funny thing happened whilst at the hospital yesterday, Bear had to sign a form to authorise them restraining his wrists.
  I almost blurted out 'kinky a bit of BDSM is there any whips and chains.'  Luckily my brain clicked in before my mouth took over.  After the nurse left we both had a giggle.

Thank you PK and Sunny for your messages on face book, we really appreciated them.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.  Its a long weekend here for the Queens birthday, not that it makes a difference when you're retired.
Hugs Lindy

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Vets visit.

My husband cracks me up.  We paid a visit to the vet for the first time this week.  He called Frankie in, never introduced himself to us though.  So after leaving both Bear and I commented on this fact
Bear started a spiel in the car on the way home that went like this.......

Let me introduce myself,  I'm Bear and this is my good lady wife Lindy.  We're into spanking, yes that's right you heard correctly.  By the way my wife earned  herself a bare bottom spanking just before we came here.  Oh sorry I'm getting carried away, we're   here for Frankie.  You're not going to spread the fact that we're into spanking around town are you?  Oh you are as you think we're weird. LOL!

Yes I did earn myself a spanking or my washing machine did, before going to the vets for such a stupid reason but it was a fun spanking.  Bear was out riding his bike, I stripped the bed to wash the sheets.  Thought I had pressed the on button, went for my shower, then realised the machine was very quiet.  Our machine is sssoooo noisy the whole neighbourhood probably hears it. Anyway when Bear returned he wanted to wash his bike gear, as the machine was still going he was not too pleased.  So he told me I was going straight to the bedroom for a pants down spanking, which is exactly what happened. This time we made sure Frankie was locked in the kitchen, we closed the bedroom door also. MMMM it was delicious and just as good as my birthday spanking.  Bear seems to be improving with GG spankings, (about time)  I didn't want it to end and we were both giggling so much.  What a great morning.
Today was the start of winter here and such a glorious day.  Bear and I played out the backyard kicking the ball to Frankie.  I couldn't see Frankie at one stage, Bear made a comment "Watch your back darling."  So I thought he meant Frankie was behind me.  Nope that wasn't what he meant and Lindy should have listened better.  I've been in remission with my back issue for the past 9 months, feeling like a normal human being and able to conquer the world.  After going inside I started getting electric shock feelings in my back, then all of a sudden
  it went on me.  Bears operation is scheduled for next Wednesday in a hospital 100kms from home.  Therefore I will have to drive back home afterwards.  I think I mossed myself as my sister in law asked me this morning if I was capable of driving that far.  I was very confident after a trial run last week that I could.  Such bad timing on my AS to flare up now.  Guess it always pays to listen to Bear.

Hugs from Lindy feeling sorry for herself.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...