Friday, 27 April 2018


FFF week 13

Number 13 can be lucky for some, unlucky for others.  I've always considered it to be my lucky number as I've had a lot of things happen on 13th.  This week is no exception as I have finally made those horrid scales budge by  2 kilos / 4.4 pounds.  I'm doing my happy dance here. 

Guess what that was without exercising as I've had to take time off with my rotator cuffs and also been eating my head off with healthy foods of course.  So sometimes I just don't understand how my body works. Do heaps of exercises don't lose no exercise lose weight.  I think my body does the opposite of what its supposed to do. 

We did lots of decluttering this week and managed to donate 6 bags of clothes we have grown out of to the op shop.  Wednesday was a public holiday here due to Anzac day, so I told Bear I'll take them down straight away as the car park will be quiet. There are three car spaces, so I pulled up in the front space.  Deposited our bags into the bins, hopped back in the car ready to leave.  Checked my mirrors still no one around. Put the car in reverse..... beep..... beep... beeping goes the car.  A stupid woman pulled up in my blind spot so I nearly backed into her.  I was really shaken up, drove home and confessed to Bear I nearly smashed the car thinking he would give me a lecture.  He was very sympathetic which was nice.

I hope you have all had a positive week with your FFF.

Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 20 April 2018


This  has been a bit of a topsy turvy week.  It started out terribly then improved as the time went on.

I was doing some decluttering in my craft room/ guest room when Bear found some chocolate D1 had left behind.  I messaged her saying I'll put it in the freezer for next time she comes to visit.  Lets just say this is where things went wrong.  She told me I could eat it if it was gluten free, very dangerous words for a chocoholic. I checked the ingredients, to my surprise it was gf.  Woohoo!

  I continued to declutter thinking one little bit won't hurt, its been ages since I've had decent chocolate.  One little bit lead to two little bits, then before I knew it someone had snuck in and gobbled the whole lot down. Oops!  It was so worth it though and I thought this would start my cravings all over again, thankfully it hasn't.

Then Saturday night Bear cooked a delicious lamb roast which we enjoyed with a glass of red wine.  He is not a big drinker BUT suggested we have a second glass.

We had a packet of chips stored away which we had forgotten to bring out for little J.  So guess what, we gobbled those down enjoying every mouthful.

I thought what have I done after all that hard work for the past 11 weeks, blown it in one day eating all this stuff.  On Sunday I was back on the straight and narrow sticking to my healthy eating plan. Phew!

For the rest of the week I've done so well.  More than doubled my steps Monday as we went shopping with heaps of walking.  Did two water aerobics classes plus a tai chi class as well as all my steps each day.

Wednesday I had a session with my osteopath who is really pleased with the way my back has progressed.  He said it must be all the water exercises and encouraged me to keep it up.  I have to drop  my class using  weights though, as I've now damage my other rotator cuff and bicep.  I think three sessions at the gym is enough at the moment anyway.

Managed to avoid any sitting binges as we have been busy, busy, busy all week. So overall with the bit of a hiccup to start the week off it's been very successful.  Also the scales have gone down half a kilo. Yay!

Sorry I didn't visit everyone's FFF for last week, will endeavour to this week hopefully.


Now that its heading for summer in the northern hemisphere where most of you are living. Please remember to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide. Having a melanoma is not a fun thing to go through.   It only takes a few minutes to apply sun cream, so do yourself a favour and avoid skin cancer.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 13 April 2018


Another week done and dusted,  check in time for FFF week 11 already.  I found a good article the other day which said the best diet habit is to find a group to support you on your journey.  Thanks kindly to Fondles for bringing us all together, it is awesome having others to keep us motivated.

Here is the article, hope the link works.

This week has been better for me, I'm feeling positive.  I changed my focus from exercise to food instead, like Ella suggested.  Shhh!  don't tell Bear BUT I've been naughty and stuck to the 16/8.  He is in the shower when I have breakfast so hasn't noticed I'm not eating.  A wise friend told me, I'm skating on thin ice, so I know you are all my friends so won't dob me in......RIGHT?

Although doing the 16/8 I've added in two snacks.  One for afternoon tea and one just before the 8 hours finishes.  This seems to sustain me for the 16 hours of fasting.  The scales are heading in the right direction, so I'm doing my happy dance here.

The only exercise I've done this week is my two water aerobics sessions and walking.  Not too many steps though, just basically whilst shopping.  I had good intentions of participating in more at the gym, life got in the way though. 


Victoria has a special program run this time every year,  called Active April where the Mayor encourages us all to become more active. Part of this we receive 10 free sessions at the YMCA which is wonderful as it covers my aqua aerobics.  During this time they encourage  you to try other activities, so next week all being well I will do some extra classes.

Like Abby I think I need to add a no  sitting binge rule.  I'm playing games with friends both on  face book and on my phone.  Before I know it hours have passed by without me doing anything. 

Sadly I haven't done any decluttering this week.  Once again I've had good intentions just time poor.  Maybe next week I will do double.

Hope everyone else has had a successful week with  FFF and achieved your goals.

Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 7 April 2018


I think this week FFF means Failed Friday Fitness.  Still a bit under the weather from last week.  Been too tempted with yummy snacks,  now D1 and little J are staying.  Which means I let my hair down enjoying their company with good food, wine and NO exercise.

One thing that did happen to me this week I received quite a lecture from both Bear and D1.  I was frustrated as I ate ONE piece of carrot cake and UP went the scales, so had a bit of a whinge to them.  Bear sat me down to ask me about every meal I consumed during the day.  He is NOT HAPPY I'm skipping breakfast even though he does. They both asked me how much I weighed which I don't usually share that information.  When I told them they said I'm doing really well seeing I weighed heaps more when we first moved down here. Instead of the IF eating plan I'll just have to modify what I eat. I basically eat health food options just that a lot of gluten free things are high in calories.

On a plus I have decluttered one cupboard this week and rearranged things so we can see them better.

Hope you have all had a better week with FFF with good results.

Hugs Lindy xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...