Monday, 25 January 2016


Happy Australia Day for tomorrow 26th January to all my fellow Aussie bloggers.


Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.

Whether you spend it down the beach relaxing or just having a bbq enjoy.  Stay safe on the roads if you have to travel anywhere.
 Hope everyone in the snow storm areas stay safe and snug.
Cheers Lindy and Bear

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Life saving change

This post is not about spanking sorry, so if you want to head off to others that's fine with me.  This is a very important topic though,  so hopefully it helps someone out there in blogland.

As of tomorrow Wednesday, 20th January I've been five years cancer free.  This is a huge milestone for my family and I.  So I tend to get on my soap box around this time every year in the hope that I can at least get through to someone how important this subject can be.  Posting this today as Bear is taking me out to celebrate tomorrow.

Over five years ago I was attending our lovely male family doctor.  My grandchildren used to play with what  they called Nanny's chocolate spot on my leg and tried desperately to pick it off.  It was so funny to watch them doing this.  So I asked my doctor about it and his answer was "Its one of those things you get when your aging."  Mind you I would have still been in my forties at this stage, so didn't consider myself as old.  Guess to him I was though, as he would have probably been in his mid 30s, BUT what a cheek!  Anyway I didn't think anything of it after this.

UNTIL quite a few years later when I changed clinics.  I was well over due for a pap smear as hated having them done.  Don't know about any of you but they used to embarrass me. There was a nice, young student doctor I saw at the new clinic who kept reminding me to have this procedure, which I still kept putting off. She talked to me about it and said she was leaving the clinic just before Christmas so have it done as I wouldn't see her again., therefore   no need to be embarrassed.

On Christmas eve I went for my appointment and she remarked on my chocolate spot.  I told her what my previous doctor had said.  Whilst doing the pap smear she questioned me more about it and said she wanted me to see the head doctor  for an immediate second opinion.  So I was sent to him straight away and he did a biopsy.  A week later, new years eve I went back for the results.  I was really scared what the outcome was going to be.

Luckily I took Bear with me as he told me I had a malignant melanoma.  I burst into tears as thought it was a death sentence, as my mum had died from cancer.  He told Bear and I to wait in his surgery until I'd calmed down, then he would talk further with us.  So when he returned he told us it was urgent I have surgery to have further investigation and rang around all his friends to get me in ASAP. In the time between, both Bear and I were devastated thinking about the outcome. I finally went to see a surgeon and was put on a short waiting list.

On 20th January I had a huge chunk  cut out of my leg just below my right knee.  I was bandaged from the top of my leg right down to my ankle to immobilise it, which made it look way worse than it was.  When I returned to have my stitches out the surgeon said I was very lucky to have had it caught at this point as it was really deep and if left any longer could have travelled throughout my body.

I found a fantastic support group and made friends with others in the same boat.  We have all been supportive of each other through this stressful and very scary journey.  Unfortunately a lot of my friends I've made through this group have since died from their cancers travelling.   I've since had to go back for yearly skin checks, had six more biopsies which have been benign, thank goodness and count myself very lucky.  Skin cancer is known as the deadliest form of cancer in Australia.  I'm grateful to the young student doctor who was on the ball that day and took immediate action.  Otherwise I could be six feet under pushing up daisies and not here enjoying everyone's posts.. This has certainly made us appreciate life more and enjoy each day to the max.

So the moral of this post is...... Please check your skin for anything that looks suspicious and go see your doctors.  Having regular skin checks can help save your life. Also remember when going out in the sun SLIP, SLOP, SLAP AND SLIDE.   Also be careful using sunbeds or solariums.  One of my friends got her melanoma through going to solariums for a tan thinking it was safer.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

New year = new rules

My sweet husband is stepping up a bit more in our journey with TTWD/DD.  I've noticed for the past two to three spankings he has been getting harder.  Also when he finishes which is when it is the right shade of RED he rubs my bottom for a bit then starts pinching.  On a freshly spanked bottom this really hurts, so I start ouching.  It appears if my protests aren't loud enough the spanking starts again. Fun and games Bears way.

He sat me down Saturday afternoon to chat about where we are going this year and has set me quite a few new rules.  Usually we just have fun, which I love and don't follow rules of any type.  Apparently there are some issues which need addressing, which don't sound like fun to me at all.  Gulp!

One is I have to ignore my two eldest sisters who continually belittle me.  I'm the youngest in my family with four older siblings.  The two eldest are in their mid 70s.  So a huge gap and I was brought up to respect my elders as most people were in our day.  My second eldest sister has been correcting me so much on face book lately, its getting me down and I guess I've become withdrawn.  I was banned from face book for a while last year until my attitude changed  Now Bear said I need to ignore her or he will help me do this in his own way.  That can only mean a sore bottom.

Also I've been set an exercise and weight program as like most of us, let my hair down over the holiday period.  Especially whilst D1 was staying, I over indulged in foods which are taboo for me health wise. So Bear has set his spare  bike up on a trainer in our garage and I have to gradually build up each day how long I spend on this and keep a food diary of everything I eat.  So he can see when I have eaten forbidden food.  I know for my own health I shouldn't be eating it, but when others do I feel deprived.  Life is so unfair at times!

Whilst we were chatting Saturday, I remembered I'd put my new diary in my bed side table when D1 was coming.  I finished my cup of  tea, washed my cup and headed to the bedroom.  On the way I ran my hand through Bears hair like I usually do when passing him.  He complained my hand was still wet, I giggled and headed for the bedroom.  Bear quickly followed, bent me over the bed, flipped up my skirt and pulled my knickers down.  He spanked really hard until his hand was hurting and my bottom  was stinging and on fire.  When I stood back up I noticed he hadn't closed the bedroom blind. I was so shocked by this and said the neighbours would have had an eye full.  He just laughed and said they would probably join in. When we returned to the kitchen I said my bottom is really sore when I sat down.  He told me I deserved it with an evil chuckle and said behave or I would be back in the bedroom for the belt.  So my new year has begun with a fun spanking.

Wonder what other rules he is going to enforce this year.  Think I better start acting like an angel. LOL!

Have a good week everyone.
Hugs Lindy

Friday, 8 January 2016

catching up

Can you hear that?????..... Listen very carefully......   Its the sound of silence.  After having a 7y.o. in the house for the past 10 days who has gone from completely mute to chattering none stop 24/7 it is wonderful.  We can hear each other speak now, without having to say we are talking to stop him from chattering. Mind you we are going to miss him and D1, BUT the silence is golden.

So we have had the best time over the past month with pre Christmas visits to our family, then Christmas, then our daughter and grandson visiting for the new year.  Life will seem rather dull after all the excitement.

My Bear was getting a bit antsy whilst D1 was here this time and kept coming up to cuddle me in front of her, whilst I was preparing meals or doing dishes.  He even gave me a few really hard swats and told me to call him Sir when I answered him on several occasions.  She didn't say anything at the time which surprised me.

We took them on our little tram one day.  When we were waiting D1 and I sat down, there weren't enough seats for everyone.  After a while I stood to let Bear sit for a while.  He grabbed me and sat me down on his lap.  So D1 said "Gosh you two are acting like randy teenagers." She had the nerve to take our photo and face book it. Bear replied "You're a long time dead."

That night she said to me that it looks like we're getting on really well.  I so desperately wanted to tell her our secret but resisted. To my surprise she asked to borrow my FSOG book and dvd.  I almost died of shock as this is the girl who comments that I'm reading DIRTY books. PK she was almost going to add that to my reference to Cassie on fb until she saw your comment.

Speaking of which that went down like a lead balloon.  Nobody commented and to my surprise D1s  ex MIL actually shared it.  Would love to be a fly on the wall if she reads the Cassie series. LOL! Also would love to know what she thinks of me when she realises what sort of books I'm into.  She already thinks our family are hill billies and is happy now D1 and her son are separated.

Yesterday we had a cruise ship come into our port which is a novelty. Although we are the only deep sea port between Melbourne and Adelaide, cruise ships only started coming in last year.  So this was our forth ship and there will be another one next Wednesday. The town was buzzing with tourists both off the ship and out of towners coming to see the ship.  It was such a wonderful day with a market, carnival and heaps of activities happening around everywhere.

Today D1 and little J drove off to return home, we did a quick clean up around the house and enjoyed some wonderful adult time which we had been missing.  Of course we had to live up to what our daughter called us and acted like randy teenagers. Still haven't had my first spanking for the year but think that is not far off.  We have to do lots of catching up.   Also catch up on sleep as we are all sleep deprived.

Also need to catch up on everyone's posts, read my books and write.  So hard with a 7y.o. asking what am I  doing all the time and looking over my shoulder.

Hope everyone had a wonderful new year and 2016 brings you everything you wish for. Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Quick question

Still have our D1 and Little J here so just a quick question.  I'm doing a photo a day challenge.
See Thursday 7th January is READING.  Really wanting to say reading one of the Cassie books for example, not sure how my vanilla friends will take it.  What do you all think......good idea or bad idea?  What do you think PK? Would I turn my friends against me by doing this?  Look forward to your answers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...