Saturday, 6 April 2019


Hello lovely friends, its been ages since I have visited the land. Thank you all for your wonderful comments both on my last post and over at Bakers.

Thank you my sweet friend that was so nice of you to update everyone, I really appreciate it.

 I had my right wrist operation a month ago, which is slowly progressing. Apparently it will take 4 months to fully recover. In the meantime I have to go for an op on my stupid left wrist on 15th April. Argh! Didn't even have any symptoms until I had to fully rely on using it all the time. Boy did that come on fast.

During this recovery time I have been going stir crazy as I can't do anything AT ALL. Well that's not the truth. I can now shower, dry and dress myself. No housework or dinner preps, no driving so have to be chauffeured everywhere. What's a girl got to do around here!!!

We had our 40th wedding anniversary just after my right hand op and only managed this past week to go out to celebrate. My poor Mum would be having a fit to see how I have to hold my knife to cut my food. She was a stickler for doing everything properly.

Mr Spanky has  been suffering with IPS, which he takes pleasure in giving me swats but no actual full on spankings. No action makes Lindy a naughty girl. This week I have been in trouble twice and trying to go for the trifecta. LOL!

I have learnt a valuable lesson  that I must speak up for myself. Usually I'm the quiet mouse in the corner taking what ever is dished out to me. Bear has told me that has to stop as of now.

Feeling poorly lately I decided to go  for a massage to try ease my aches and pains. Oh dear what a mistake!  The girl asked me if I want a relaxation massage or deep tissue one. Thank goodness I asked for relaxation as it was TOTAL AGONY. I tried my hardest to relax and enjoy it BUT it was the worst experience I have had in ages.  I tried to take my mind away from the pain by thinking up a story or taking myself to my happy place, the beach, nothing worked.   I walked home feeling like I was going to pass out and just made it to bed. Everything was spinning and all didn't end well.  Won't fill you in on those details.  I finally felt better, sitting eating dinner I told Bear about what happened. He was furious with me, lecturing me about how I need to speak up for myself. Saying I should have told the girl half way through to stop I'd had enough. He made me stand up next to him and gave me several hard swats, which I deserved I admit.

Then we continued on with our meal. I had so much trouble sleeping that night with all the pain. Yet the girl asked me to give her a good review on her page. Pffft!

Second incident happened the following day.  I went out with a friend to celebrate her 10 years cancer free. We had planned on going to an Indian restaurant, unfortunately it was closed. I really had my taste buds ready for a yummy curry. So we ventured up to our usual restaurant, where she asked me what I wanted as it was her shout. I asked for a bacon and egg with gluten free bread toasted.   This was my mistake I should have asked for a gf toastie as it came out bacon and eggs on toast.  Oops!

On returning home Bear and I were standing in the kitchen kissing and cuddling as we do. He asked about lunch, went in for a big kiss. Then planted a double handed hard whammy on my tush which took my breath away. Once again saying I need to speak up for myself, my man knows how to keep me on my toes.

What's been happening in your next of the woods whilst I've been gone. Will be disappearing again for a while until I've recovered from my second op.  Have you read any good books lately that you can recommend. I've been binge watching Netflix to fill in time, any good shows you like on there? Need something to keep me out of mischief.

We are off next weekend to catch up with our family at the half way stop. Feels like forever since I've seen them. Hoping the weather will be kind to us as our gathering is in a park.

Even though its two weeks away have a Happy Easter everyone. Stay safe on the roads and as I say to my family be good children! Hope the Easter bunny brings you something fun.

Hope to see you all in another month all going well.

Happy Easter from Bear and Lindy xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...