Monday, 16 July 2018


Guess who is turning three today?  Yes that's right DOWNUNDER DREAMING. Bear and Lindy are having their third blogiversary today, on July 16th, can you believe?

I haven't been around very much lately for a lot of reasons. Don't really want to go into it here though. Or else I will turn this into a sookie lala post and no body wants that I'm sure. 

We'd like to thank you all for being such wonderful, supportive friends for the past three years. Giving encouragement and advice along the way.  We have really enjoyed our time here.

A special thank you to the ones who have kept in touch via emails and face book to see how we are going.  I know I owe a few replies, I promise I will get around to it, just a lot on our plate right now.

Anyway lets get back on track its celebration time.  Lets party like there is no tomorrow, then party some more. 

Did I hear someone mention cake? Of course there will be cake and lots of it. Remember Bear loves to bake. 

So grab a glass of bubbly, a plate of cake and lets dance.

Cheers Bear and Lindy xx

Friday, 15 June 2018


CLICKETY CLICK.......CLICKETY CLACK. The FFF train is speeding along the track.

As it pulls into station 2....0 there is a roar from the crowd to welcome everyone.

The contestants approach the judges desk to hand in their weekly reports. Jumping for joy they are all told the good news of their success during the week.

Then an announcement is heard from the station master ALL ABOARD!

Everyone scrambles back on excitedly heading towards the next station. When they look back to notice one contestant waving the train off with a sad look on her face.

She then turns into the out stretched arms of her wonderful man who exclaims
'You've tried your best darling, now its time to rest.'

They then walk off hand in hand into the beautiful sunset.

 Thank you so  much Fondles for inspiring us  to a healthier life style.  I've enjoyed every minute and loved learning new things along the way with all your links.

This is my time to hop off, maybe I will re-join further down the track, who knows.  Until then I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys towards a better you. 

Thank you
Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 9 June 2018



Still going strong after 19 weeks although hanging on by my finger nails this week. You see my Bear loves to bake, so I suggested he bake a cake for me to take to my Friday aqua class.  Trouble with this he baked TWO,  not just one BUT two experimental cakes during the week to perfect THE cake. Why is this trouble you may ask, he wanted me to be his taste tester.  So this week has involved way to much cake.


Monday we went for our usual adventure interstate to shop as someone had broken the toilet. OOPS!  Maybe it was all that cake. LOL! We seem to be a target in South Australia for both  bag checks and drivers aiming for us on zebra crossings.  Standing in a long line of customers it always feels like they ask us only to search our bags.  Why on earth would we spend around $100 in your shop then steal an item, its pick on the Victorians, right!

 Monday I almost tripled my step count by the time we walked here, there and everywhere.

Tuesday was my usual aqua class

Wednesday I skipped tai chi for a meet up with my local photography friends.  We had a lovely day meeting firstly for lunch, then went to our botanical gardens to take photos. Ending our day in a different café for cake and tea.

Friday another aqua class where I took Bears cake which was a huge success. Yay!  Now the girls have asked for more. 

Bear bought a new flavour of chips for us to try. Smiths Chinese Peking Duck.  After a delicious dinner which my resident chef cooked, we ate these chips with a glass of wine. Obviously our stomachs are more delicate the older we age, as we were both so sick after them.  Today I'm veging out trying to recover. Will stick to plain chips from now on and only on special occasions.

Its a long weekend here as we celebrate the Queens birthday (Queen Victoria) apparently. Hopefully the weather stays nice as we're planning a picnic Monday. 

The scales have been good again going down a fraction, which makes me happy.

Have a good weekend everyone. 
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 1 June 2018

FFF 18


I usually try to have my FFF check in ready on a Thursday so I can post it Friday.  I think I blinked as I can't believe its  Friday already.  Guess that's what happens when you are busy, busy, busy.

Monday we went on a lovely picnic, then checked out the shops in a little town 75kms from here. It was a glorious day,  sunny blue skies with top temp reaching into the 20c/68f.   I managed to find my wedding outfit with a stamp of approval from my Bear. Also we did a lot of walking so my step count was good.  Oh yes almost forgot we had afternoon tea in a café, so once again Lindy ate cake. LOL! I couldn't resist the caramel slice as its the first one I've had since being coeliac.

You wouldn't believe it had been such a nice day Monday, when we woke up Tuesday to dismal grey skies, thunderstorms and strong winds. I was very tempted to stay home from my aqua class but I braved the elements to go.  Turned out to be a fun class, so I was happy I attended.

Wednesday was tai chi day.  I was very good as didn't go out for cake and coffee afterwards, can you believe. That day I was in and out all day. Firstly for a hair cut, home for lunch, then tai chi, after that Bear took me to buy some aqua shoes. So my step count was pretty good.

Thursday my step count is always up as we do the grocery shopping.

Bear is trying to practice making a good sponge cake for when our daughter comes to visit during the school holidays.  So he busied himself making one Thursday night for me to take to my aqua class Friday morning.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for me, the tins were too small.  The cake rose and spilled over the sides. So even though I couldn't take it along to my class it was most appreciated by me.  He has filled it with lemon curd and mascarpone, YUM!

Cake anyone?

Friday morning aqua class  was really good. As I don't start eating until around midday on my 16/8  IF diet, I was starving half way through  class.  Arrived home to find my Bear had prepared brunch for both of us.  My man  spoils me!

Total count this week 3 exercise classes.
Plenty of steps.
Decluttered  and cleaned the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
Scales went down around 1kg/ 2.2 pounds.

Despite eating cake all the exercising is helping me to lose weight.

Today is the first day of winter down under and boy did we know it. My phone told me it was 2.9c feels like 0.4c at 7am this morning.  I think we are in for a long, cold winter from the very start. Mother nature has been hormonal lately, think she has finally shown her true colours.  Hope you are all enjoying your warmer weather in the northern hemisphere.  Stay warm all my friends down under in Australia and New Zealand.

Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 25 May 2018

FFF17 with a royal theme.

Is it really 17 weeks since we all started along this adventure to become fitter and fabulous.  Well done to all of us for sticking it out this long. I reckon we all deserve a celebration, what do you say fellow FFFs? Lets eat cake!  LOL!

I think this is turning into a food blog.

Sunday I consider to be my day off exercising and Bear usually cooks something delicious for brunch. This time he decided to try making waffles which turned out really well for his first time.

 Monday we went for our usual interstate shopping trip where I managed to double my steps.  Boy was I worn out though and slept like a baby that night.

Tuesday I wagged my aqua aerobics as I had a better offer from my Bear. wink wink!  This involved a spanking for being sarcastic to him followed by a lovely afternoon delight MFL!

Wednesday a fabulous Tai Chi class with a Royal theme, which will please all of my English friends. Basically the teacher changed the names of exercises to things like rocking baby Louie, knighting with a pretend sword,  picking English roses for the wedding and many other fun things.

After an hours exercise we all headed to a café for afternoon tea. Well you can't have a cup of English breakfast tea without cake to celebrate the Royal wedding.  MMMM naughty Lindy Lou is at it again.  So there goes the good the exercise did, it was so worth it though.

Thursday is grocery shopping day, I usually manage to do all my steps for this also.

Friday no aqua aerobics for me AGAIN!  I over did some of the exercises at Tai Chi, now paying the price with my rotator cuff and bicep.  Sitting in my recliner with a heat pack, almost falling asleep as I had a very restless night,  I better get to posting this before I start snoring.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

EEEKKKKK!!!!!! GMAIL!!!!!!!!

Oh dear gmail is the pits at the moment, its almost got me in trouble three times in as many weeks.

Let me explain, I have my blog gmail which I have on my laptop.  This is always signed in, I just have to press on the icon and voila its up.  Then I have my personal gmail on the desk top computer always signed in.

First incident...... I made a HUGE HUGE mistake  as some how I was signed into my blog gmail on the desk top.  One of our grandsons has a you tube which he likes me to watch, like and comment.  The other week I was watching his video, then added a comment giving him praise, pressed publish.  Oops its not my Nanny gmail its my Lindy gmail.  I was in a panic hoping it would go unnoticed, which so far I think it has, as our daughter hasn't commented. Phew!

Second incident......I checked in the land the other morning on the desk top, found Amy's post Saved by the bell, so proceeded to leave a comment.  I noticed just in time it was my real name OOPS!  Tried to change it to my other gmail, my comment disappeared.  So retried then decided to go anonymous rather than lose my comment again.  So sorry Amy that is  why my comment came through as that.

Third incident.....Now this is a HUGE one.  My friend rang me yesterday around lunch time asking if we had internet connection as hers wasn't working.  She then asked if she could come around to use ours as she had promised to do something for a friend overseas, we said yes of course.
I handed over my laptop for her to do her business whilst I went to make us a cup of tea.  Next thing she called out its gone into your gmail.  I was so embarrassed as the first thing which came up was.... The way we roll......topless and sassy downunder.    Oh dear did she see this or just glanced and looked away.  Is my secret out to this friend.  Anyway I rectified that by signing out and she happily signed into her gmail.  Now I'm worried she noticed this heading and is curious.....What does my friend do in her spare time?

So they say things go in threes, hopefully that is my fair share of goofing up with the wrong gmail signed in on posts. Hopefully from now on I will think and look properly before doing anything on gmail.

See you all Friday for FFF.
Happy hump day everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 18 May 2018

The way we roll......topless and sassy down under for FFF16

FFF week 16  check in

I bet that heading whet your appetite to read what happened. LOL!

My theory of last week went down the gurgler, you can't have you cake and eat it too, without consequences.  Waaah!  The delicious cake Bear made for my birthday  was one minute on my lips a life time on my hips. It caught up with me.... BUTt.... it was so worth it, you only have a birthday once a year.  So why not over indulge eating whatever your heart desires.

I'm about ready to shoot my scales,  I'm sure they're conspiring against me.   Why are they like a  yoyo all the time, frustrating! I want to be like all the skinny girls you see who can eat anything and everything, never put on any weight what so ever.

Well this was how I was feeling, until a very wise blogger, who blew in on the wind told me that you don't know the story behind those skinny girls.  She said they may be having health issues, therefore not able to put on weight.

This made a lot of sense, thank you for that advice, so now  I AM trying my hardest to be happy in my own skin.  Some days this is easy others not so much,  Bear says he loves me like this, which is very sweet of him.  Only trouble is he enjoys baking too much, so seems whenever I'm trying to stick to a healthy eating plan he wants to make cakes and biscuits.

Did my title for this weeks FFF catch your eye?

I've done really well exercise wise this week with two sessions of aqua aerobics and one session of Tai Chi.

This is where the title is heading.  On Wednesday we all arrived for our Tai Chi class to find the room like a freezer.  BRRR!  So there was no TOPLESS Tai Chi that day, we all kept our windcheaters on to keep warm.  Haha all your  minds were heading in a different direction admit it. Can you imagine a group of women in their 40s up to mid 80s, with  one guy in the class doing Tai Chi topless.  The guy would be in his element, I think he would have a stroke. Sorry if this disappointed you.  LOL!

I've also done heaps of steps to my standard anyways, not as many as our Fondles manages. 

No decluttering as been way too busy.

No binge sitting, so that is a good thing, thanks Abby for that idea.

Next week back to eating healthy snacks. NO MORE CAKES!

Gee it is so chilly here and its not even winter yet. We've had to swap our wardrobes around, put away our summer clothes, brought out our winter clothes.  Also started wearing thermals this early, what's winter going to be like?  My favourite part is wearing my beautiful scarves again. Think I may have to brave up to come visit all of you bloggers in warmer climes. Or you can send some heat my way, maybe we can compromise I'll send you some cooler days, if you send me some warmer days. 

Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx


Guess who is turning three today?  Yes that's right DOWNUNDER DREAMING. Bear and Lindy are having their third blogiversary tod...