Monday, 27 March 2017

March Q&A time

Hello out there, is anybody around lately.  It's been rather quiet and lonely in blogland. Thank you Katie and Meredith for starting the Q&A time.  I wasn't aware of it until I saw your posts.

If anyone wants to ask me a question, I'll do my best to answer it.  Or in turn you can email me your question at  :-

Bear and I are still doing the lent challenge. I've been really slack posting though, maybe will do a huge catch up shortly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

READY......SET ....GO!  Ask away you've got nothing to lose.

Hugs Lindy xx

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

day 22

Oops I'm getting rather slack with my posts.  I usually write one up at night time, lately I've been too tired by around 7.30pm I can't think straight.

Our door bell rang whilst I was washing the dishes,  I knew Bear was hovering around inside somewhere, so I yelled can you answer the door please darling.  He replied 'NO, you get it.'  So with a huge Harrumph I dried my hands and headed to the door.  On arrival I saw it was my Bear playing tricks, so I said DING DONG AVON CALLING!  To my surprise Bear said its DIAL-A-SPANK  at your service. 

He came inside asked me how can I be of service young lady, which had me in  fits of laughter.  I played along saying I want one with the lot.  He retrieved all his implements bringing them into the lounge room.  Bent me over the arm of the couch starting right in with his spank-a-plank for 6 of the best over my clothes.  Then my skirt was flung up over my back and my knickers pulled down. The next implement was the leather rose paddle which I've grown to like, followed by the ping pong bat. By this time I was ouching away which didn't make one bit of difference as he was a MAN ON A MISSION.  Next came the wooden ruler, then Bear bent down to take my thong (flip flop)  off to apply that to my back side.  Lastly came his delicious belt which felt so good. 

He stood me up asking is that to your satisfaction or would you like dessert with that?  Funny man!  He was very pleased with the colour he painted me.

A few words in my photo challenges lately have made me stop to think, also make sure I  engage my brain before posting.  Its amazing what TTWD does when you see things like stripes or daily as the prompts.  The things it conjures up.

Have a fun filled week stay cool in the northern hemisphere and warm in the southern with the change of seasons. 

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

p.s. I've changed my privacy so I see comments before they're published as I've been hacked a few times in the past couple of weeks.  So if your comment doesn't appear straight away this is the reason.  x

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Day 16

After our bike rides this morning I waited standing naked in the bedroom for Bear to finish his shave, before having a shower.  He returned to the bedroom, saw me, had a huge grin on his face and picked up what he now refers to as the spank-a-plank.  (previously known as the cricket bat.) 

He said I was teasing him so pushed me down over the bed quickly applying a hard SPLAT to my left cheek,  OUCH!  I stood up doing a bit of a dance.  He told me to get back into position then SPLAT on the right cheek.  I said can you not do it so hard please as it really hurts,  I will last longer if you do it softer.  So then he started with tiny tap, tap, taps all over my bottom followed by a hard SPLAT!  Once again I did my little dance.  Down you go we're not finished yet SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT all on the same spot, before changing to the other cheek.  Finally he said its nicely glowing red and sent me off to the shower.

Wish I looked that good.

Of course I had to check it out in the mirror and sure enough it was very rosy.  I love the delicious sting in the shower, makes it feel really fabulous. 

Just before lunch time Bear pulled me in for a cuddle in the kitchen.  He put his hands down my pants feeling my bottom saying how pleased he was it still felt nice and warm.  During the day he kept giving me hard swats to make sure it stayed at the right redness and temperature.

Being Thursday its shopping day.  Leaving our supermarket heading back to the car its a down hill walk which I struggle with at times.  Bear is always saying I'll have to clip you onto the trolley as you're too slow.  Cheekily today I caught up to him telling him I'm clicked onto the trolley Daddy with a huge grin on my face.  He reached down to swat me in the carpark before we continued onto our car. Arriving home I received another spanking for my cheekiness. 

Does this count towards our six of the best?

Have a nice day/night everyone.  Hope you all have a Happy St Patricks Day tomorrow.  We're going out to lunch to celebrate.

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Day 15

  Been a hard week trying to figure out what was happening but these things are meant to try us.  I'm still not 100% yet, although Bear doesn't spank when I'm sick, he still gives really hard swats. 

We are starting back into this challenge gently.  My Bear is left handed just like Jan's John, his left hand feels like a paddle in itself.  Sometimes when he tells me to get over his knee, I try to hop on the other way to encourage him to use his right hand.  Sneaky I know!  I think he's a wake up to it now as he always instructs me to hop on so he can use his left hand.

Is your HoH left or right handed and do they seem to strike harder with their preferred hand?

Since we had to stop for about a week we will try to do a catch up with extras here and there.  Today Bear used only his hand.

12 with his left, then 12 with his right.

That's it no implements just a straight forward hand spanking.  Sorry to disappoint you all. 

Its  really hot again today so if anyone wants some warmth I'm happy to share.  At the moment its 34c/93f.   Bear and I have made a bet as he keeps saying the hot weather must be finished.  I reckon we'll still be having hot days in the middle of April.  I love making bets with him as its usually a win/win for both of us.

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Day 6

This is my 125th post.  I never thought when I started blogging half way through last year I'd reach that many posts. Its been fun and  l love how I've met so many of you living this wonderful life style.

Bear lured me in with a nice back scratch last night using this implement.

It wasn't long though until the spanks started. Slowly at first, then full pelt whack, whack, whack for at least 7.  I complained that's not fair, its supposed to be six of the best to which he replied, he loved the sound the back scratcher made.  I didn't like the after feel from it as my bottom was burning for hours afterwards.  Think I might have to find a nice hiding place for that one.  Does anyone want a back scratcher?

Going to be taking a short break, sorry.  I've ingested something which is making me sick and Bear doesn't spank when I'm sick.  Will return as soon as possible.

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Monday, 6 March 2017

Day 5

The flood lights lit up the ground, all the spectators watched on eagerly.

Bear stepped up to the wicket with the famous cricket bat in hand prepared to hit a six.

Thwack, thwack, thwack the bat came down time and time again.  Bear was thrilled with his performance aiming in every direction.

Thwack, thwack, thwack!  The six were complete yet the crowd shouted more, more, give it to her more. Chanting.....

C'mon Aussie, C'mon, C'mon!

Bear obliged them of course..... Thwack, thwack, thwack again and again.  Lindy was relaxed despite the fact she hates wooden implements.  This must have been Bears intentions as then there was a loud CRACK like thunder followed by an even louder OUCH!

He repeated this again CRACK!  The umpire called a finish to the game saying he was a winner.  Bear did a lap of victory. yelling...............         HOWZAT!

Even though lent isn't on Sundays Bear wanted to continue in his stride with six of the best everyday.                                        

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Those of you who are sick are feeling better by now and well  relaxed.                                                                                                                                                                         

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx                                                                   

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Day 4

Yes you guessed it another bed time spanking.  I was quite naughty though, as I topped from the bottom so to speak.  Bear told me to put one of his belts on the bed in preparation, which he has in the wardrobe.  I really did try but couldn't reach it.  After telling him this he said he would fetch it later. 

Well I went to bed first as usual and no sign of the belt.  So this is where my naughtiness came in.  I placed our new flogger on the bed, totally expecting him to come in, see it and say I said the BELT not the flogger. Hehe! 

Bear said  this will be like spanking you with the skin of a rice pudding, which is one of his favourite sayings.  When he started it felt ssssooooo good, I started laughing, then with each stroke I couldn't help but giggle.  Wow never knew they were that yummy.  The six of the best were soon dished out, the flogger thrown down and I begged him for more.  NO!  Gosh he sticks to the rules.

We did have some MFL  as a night cap to help us sleep better though.  Best sleep we've had in ages,  it was so good we slept through our alarm, so it was too late to go to church.  Oops!

We're getting closer to the wooden implements.  Wish they were first and the leather to finish.  Don't particularly like wooden implements. 

Have a good weekend.
Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Day 3

It happened again, I had to wait until bedtime.  Oh the anticipation is killing me!  Bear had bought some new implements recently which I tried out on my hand, one of which was a leather rose paddle. OUCH!  It sure stung and even he said its got a lot of weight behind it.  When he had this  waiting on the bed my tummy did a flip.  I was dreading the time coming for my spanking.

As usually he came into the room saying "Lets get this six of the best done, on your tummy young lady."  I asked if I could go over his knee instead but he refused.  So on my tummy waiting, waiting the time felt like it was dragging. Then THWAP!  OUCH!  Bear said he liked the noise the paddle made THWAP, THWAP, THWAP.  Once we reached six I was starting to relax and enjoy the sting so asked for more.  When I like something Bear's answer is "No as you'll like that."  MEANY!   He threw the paddle down scooping me up for a cuddle instead. 

I've changed the title to my posts as seem to be getting heaps of readers, so wondering if its the Lent word attracting them.  Also a quick question would you all prefer just one post a week.  Don't want to bore you now.

Come on Jan and Minelle, its getting lonely out here,  come join the fun.

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx

Friday, 3 March 2017

Lent day 2

Once again Bear kept me waiting all day wondering when he was going to call me into the bedroom.  He had his hard belt displayed on the bed, so every time I passed our door I saw it.  I had butterflies in my tummy and my bottom tingled, is that weird?  Do any of you have that reaction?

I was wondering as the day dragged on if he was going to bother at all.  Bedtime arrived, I did my usual preparation and said I'll see you in bed.  Bear came to bed about 15 minutes later, told me to roll onto my tummy for six of the best.  No warm up or anything just straight into it.  Oh boy that man knows how to strike hard with his belt.  Swish through the air, then whop, whop, whop.  Luckily  he did stick to only six this time saying he likes to turn my bottom  a nice  red colour.

So we'll see what today brings, time is marching on as its nearly dinner time.  Looks like another bedtime spanking.  Mind you it did help me sleep better last night, until we heard gun shots close by around 2pm.  Then I had trouble getting back to sleep expecting a bullet to come flying through our window.

Hugs Lindy xx

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Lent day 1

Today is the first day of Autumn here, yet it is 34c/93.2f.  Somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature to turn the heat down. 

Bear has been stepping up this past week getting his spanking hand warmed up.  I've been on the receiving end of several hard swats during the day for no reason, 'Just Because'.  The other day I earned a real doozy of a spanking with my photo challenge.  I had admired  one of my friends weaving looms, so asked Bear if I could possibly have one.  My friend  gave me a fantastic site to look at which I showed to Bear.  Well he didn't say NO but went ahead and bought me a knitting loom instead.  This is a similar  concept to knitting nancies where you take one stitch over the other.
The photo challenge  was something NEW,  I took a photo of my loom and my wording wasn't to Bears liking.  I was given a really long lecture then a spanking for what I had written.

Today is DAY ONE of the lent challenge and it appears our sweet Jan is the only one joining me. Bear is making me wait all day until he decides its time.  All the implements are laid out on the bed, he told me he will start with the harder ones first.....EEEK!  Guess its better to get them out of the way though.  Looks like we will have to double up along the way though, as we only have 9 implements that's without wooden spoons.

Around 4pm Bear called me into the bedroom where he told me to undress and hop over his knee.  He had selected the crop I gave him for Valentines Day which looks very nice but packs a wallop.  Previously he told me six of the best.....Yeah right!  I think by the time he finished it was more like 12 with the crop.  He stood me up, told me to turn around so he could admire his handy work.  My bottom wasn't red enough for his liking, so over I went again this time for a hand spanking until it was rosy red. Even though he used his hand, spanking over the parts he had connected the crop with really hurt.

Once again I was stood in front of him to check.  With his approval we moved onto more pleasant things with some MFL.  So I had a very hot backside and we both became hot and sweaty by the end of our play time.

Not too late for anyone to join in the fun.  Good luck Jan, hope you and John have fun participating.

Hugs Lindy and Bear xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...