Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Bear has always been my hero, yesterday he certainly gained that status by saving me.  We went interstate for some much needed  retail therapy which was fabulous. I also achieved my step count whilst shopping.
Where we go its divided into two areas, firstly we went to the kmart shopping centre where we also had lunch, then drove onto the Big W/Bunnings shopping centre.

Here Bear saved me from being run over on a zebra crossing.  People might stare strangely at us for holding hands at our age.  It sure came in handy as it enabled Bear to pull me backwards out of the path of the car, which went speeding through the crossing. Once the woman realised she slammed on her breaks and refused to proceed until we continued walking.  I was a bit nervous to go in front of her car in case she took off again.  Always something interesting happens when we travel interstate.

See you all Friday for FFF5 check in.  
Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 24 February 2018


Do you have a tattoo?  I think you either like them or hate them.  If my Bear sees tatts on females,  he usually comments to me that if I were to ever get one I wouldn't sit down for a week.

Spank me Sir!

I wasn't feeling very submissive the other day, shock horror.  Yes I know when is Lindy not submissive.  I was feeling very rebellious so decided to go out for a tattoo.  The tattoo artist showed me several books with all sorts of pretty tatts.  It was really confusing, so it took a while to make up my mind.  Then I spotted the perfect tatt......A BEAR.

How appropriate I thought, my Bear will love this as its showing HIM how much I love him.  I bravely sat there whilst prodded with needles to make my design.  It wasn't until a few days later I realised the tattoo artist mustn't have heard me correctly as he obviously thought I said I wanted a BEAN not a BEAR.  How disappointing! What a botched up job he did.

Might have to go back to have a word with this tattoo artist.   LOL!


Have you ever watched Steal Magnolias, where there is a scene they think Shelby has been driving nails up her arm?  

Steal Magnolias - dialysis   

 I'm not sticking nails up my arm or having dialysis just to put your minds at ease.  This happened Tuesday as they had so much trouble finding a vein for the canula. I had been nil by mouth since 4am. and  scheduled to have my scope at 1.30pm which was delayed until 6.30pm. Fourteen and half hours without fluid does not make for very good veins.  The surgeon had to find it himself and this is the result of his handy work.

Thank you all so much for all your beautiful messages on here, face book and emails, I really do appreciate them. We had a different result to what we expected which is fabulous news, still waiting on pathology results from some samples taken. I have to change my diet to include way more fibre/roughage.  Already thought I ate heaps, apparently not.  When I came out of the anaesthetic I thought the surgeon said to include corn, nuts and seeds.  You know bird seed? 

So Bear went out to buy me heaps of things we thought would help.

wrong wrong wrong

I did a bit of research, Amy has so kindly done some research also and  Katie t emailed me saying Stop don't eat these!  Oops!
Thank you girls I really appreciate your help. Hopefully now I'm on the right track, so will be all up from here to a healthier version of the person I am today, as I said in FFF.

One positive thing this week my wonderful Bear took me to see a movie as a reward. It was nice  as we don't often go to the movies.  Funnily enough it looked like we were going to be the only two in the cinema until the lights went down.  Then two females snuck in separately and made a hasty dash out at the end.  Goodness knows why.  

Also this is the view from my hospital bed. I was last cab off the rank, so day surgery ward was closed.  I was taken to a normal ward with a window view. Makes recovery so much better.                                                      

Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 23 February 2018


Once again I've been cheering from the side lines.  Go team FFF you can do it.

You are all doing so well, I can just lay back sipping a cool drink watching. If you don't succeed reach for the moon and fall amongst the stars.

Next week I hope to be joining back in to become a healthier version of the person I am at present.  Until then keep up all the good work everyone.  I'm looking forward to hopping around the land checking on everyone's progress.                                    
Good Luck!

Friday, 16 February 2018



Can you believe its Friday again, gosh where has that week gone.  I'm afraid I failed miserably this week in FFF3 with too many celebrations, it was just way too hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. Also I'm still unable to exercise due to my back/neck condition. So I'm hanging my head in shame!

Apart from this I've had a wonderful week with my eldest sister and bil visiting.   Monday would have been our Mums 97th birthday, so we celebrated with a curry for dinner which I burnt,  in true Mum style.  When Bear explained this to my sister, she told me a funny  story which I hadn't heard before, so that was really nice.

Tuesday we met  them for lunch in our favourite pub, so not really healthy eating again. Of course it also happened to be Shrove Tuesday, so pancakes for dinner. Yay!

Wednesday Valentines Day, Bear and I had a special candlelit dinner and dessert with a bottle of wine. 

Thursday was our youngest daughters birthday, so even though we were not with her we still celebrated.

That brings us back to Friday.
Wednesday I went to see my osteopath about my back.  He checked my whole spine and made me twist'n'turn then suggested the problem  could be coming from my ribs which I hurt last year.  So he gave me some gentle exercises to do, told me  he is happy with what I'm already doing, just to take a day in between to recover.  One good thing he is very pleased my muscle tone is excellent, woohoo.

So that's my week for FFF3, hope everyone else went well.

Next week will be another one of no exercising. As of Saturday I have to go on a special white diet for two days, then Monday a liquid diet in preparation for Tuesdays procedure.  I'm feeling calm about it now, certain they won't find anything. Just not looking forward to drinking that horrible prep and the atomic runs to the toot.  Bear is threatening to padlock the toilet.  After this I'll be back in the game with my healthy eating plan again.
Hugs Lindy xx

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Happy Valentines Day everyone.  

Bear and I are having a special dinner by candle light, which is a bit difficult in daylight savings, yet fun trying to make the house as dark as possible.  We love to cook together for these occasions, Bear does his part which is usually the meat and I do the vegetables, also a special bottle of wine for a toast.

 What are you doing to celebrate this day with your loved one? Do you cook a special meal or go out to a restaurant? Do you exchange gifts?

However you celebrate  have a lovely day with your sweethearts. Hope there is a bit of this

followed by some MFL.

See you all Friday for FFF check in.

Happy Valentines from Bear and Lindy xx

Friday, 9 February 2018


Week two of Fondles FFF

Really getting into the swing of things now and able to tick all the boxes off my goals list on a daily basis. 

My scales have been heading in the wrong direction, I feel like smashing the stupid things. It felt like I was really trying with no luck at all so ..........

I emailed Amy who came up with a plan for us.  The winner or was it loser, has to visit the other person. Unfortunately she can't stick to it now, sorry Amy, I'll keep going for the two of us.  I do hope you have a speedy recovery and back  soon on FFF.

Amy suggested we drink a glass of water with lemon juice, go for a 15 minute walk and add some weight exercises into our daily schedule.  Well let me tell you one thing lemon juice is totally blergh, makes my tummy churn. 

I have increased my amount of water I consume each day, so that's a start. As I can't walk due to my back condition I ride my bike for the 15 minutes.

Also I have taken on an extra class at the gym, surprisingly this week it was a whole hour devoted to weights using dumb bells,  I also do them after my ride each morning. 

This week I have..........
 ridden my bike x 6

 water exercise classes x 2

weight class for an hour
 weights every day at home x 6

I have stuck to healthy eating  with the exception of Sundays which I consider my day off.  I did come to a compromise with Bear so he has halved the recipe to only make enough  treats for one meal. Also I'm keeping a daily record of food, exercises and sleep. 

Hope you all had a successful week too.  Looking forward to hopping around blogland to see your posts.

This week has been wonderful, I feel on top of the world.
Good luck for week 3 all my fellow FFF friends. 



Why did I seem to be going so well, then come crashing down.  I'm so  disappointed with myself,  I was feeling so good after all the exercise and eating well. Woke up yesterday morning (Thursday) with my spine screaming at me.  Still did my exercises though, then we went grocery shopping.  Reached up to a high shelf to grab something when my neck gave a loud crack. Voila!  My back was perfect after that which made me happy.

Come Friday morning, start of a new FFF week with my spine screaming again.  It feels like one step forward two steps back.

So I'll be sitting on the side lines cheering you all on with Amy, for the next two weeks at least.  As besides my spine being mean to me, my sister is coming down to visit next week, with  the following week being my procedure. So there won't be any time for exercising, I will still eat healthily though. I'm just really disappointed that it appears I'm going into a flair.  Talk about bad timing.

Guess you win some you lose some.  I would much prefer to be losing weight than losing the challenge though.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Fondle's FFF week 1

Week one,  time to do our check in with Fondles to share our goals for this challenge.

I have a few goals to try to accomplish and really, really need you all to keep me going.  Over Christmas/New Year I let my hair down quite a bit.  Sometimes I think I just have to smell food to  put on weight. 

Smell food! Up go the scales.

So I definitely need to get back to my healthier eating that I did last year.  The trouble is I've developed a sweet tooth and my man loves to bake. He thinks he is doing me a favour baking me all sorts of delicious gluten free  treats which are hard to find in the shops. Its hard to say no when he goes to so much trouble.

1.   So my first goal is to tell my Bear  NO MORE PLEASE!  I    know you love me, yet this is not the way to  show me.  One of the problems, in my eyes,  Bear loves me no matter how I look, whether fat, skinny or in between.  If I say to him I'm fat and need to lose weight, his reply is no your not with a swat or two.  Yet for those who have seen him on face book he thinks he is chubby, go figure.  Pffft!  Once I've   accomplished this I can wean myself off treats again and stick to what I know is better for my body.

Australian healthy eating chart.

This year I have two events I want to look reasonably good for.  Ones a bit hard as its in a few weeks, so I think I've left my run a bit late.  The second one is in October, our daughter is getting married at long last.  My goodness her and her fiancé have been together for 12years, the wedding has been on again, off again.  Finally they have decided to tie the knot, so being the mother of the bride I'd like to be able to fit into something attractive on the day. At least with this one I have eight months to achieve my goal.

I've been contemplating buying a fitbit or garmin, so if anyone can tell me about your experience if you own one please?  It would need to be water proof so I can wear it in the pool for mermaids. 

.  At present I have a three month gold membership at the YMCA, yet only go to mermaids twice a week.  Thinking of increasing this to take some gentle exercise classes and maybe another day of aqua aerobics.  See how my back holds out though, so its one day at a time.

I plan on taking small steps until after my procedure in a few weeks, once I have the results its full steam ahead if the outcome is good. So to sum it all up, I'm eating healthier and increasing my exercise a bit. Hopefully I will lose around 10 kilos over the eight months, more would be nice, we'll see what happens.

.  They say a healthy mind is a healthy body, so along with the things above,  I'm (we) are decluttering our house. My goodness we still have things packed in boxes from when we made the big move.  How ridiculous, obviously we don't need these things.  So we are either sending them to the op shop or the tip if no good for anyone.

Breath in  calm your body.......Breath out smile and relax.

4.  My last goal that I can think of at present is to fit at least 10 minutes or more meditation into each day.  I find this keeps me calm and focused.

Good luck to everyone else whose participating, its going to be so much fun encouraging each other. 

Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...