Saturday, 2 April 2016


So much has happened this week, I feel like I'm floating right now and have my sparkle back. 
Apart from our son, dil and their children coming up on Good Friday we had a relatively quiet Easter.  We thought they were staying for the weekend, they had other ideas and did a 10 hour round trip to visit us.  My gosh the Easter bunny didn't even visit until I put a status on good old face book stating that fact after wishing everyone a happy Easter.  Then my Easter bunny went out to search for some gluten free chocolate for me.  What a wonderful Easter Bear he is spoiling me.

This week has been full of so many good times and funny times.  Bear is  back to himself except for his eye problems but hopefully that will be sorted at the end of this month. There has been plenty of fun spanky times which I've really missed whilst he has been sick.  Funny how you feel when there is a drought even if only for a short period of time.

  One of my face book friends from Canada asked me if I would match make him to any of my friends as he is lonely. Now if you stop to think of this he is in Canada and we live in Australia, how is that going to solve his problem.  I hooked him up with one friend in particular just to see where it would lead. They chatted for a while until he said he wouldn't leave his family but expected her to leave hers.
He was very disappointed when she refused.  I kindly told him that things happen for a reason and the fact that they aren't going to become an item is because there is a special someone waiting for him,  maybe she is in front of his eyes. Anyway he is staying in touch with my friend to see if it leads anywhere.  Talk about desperate!
If you know anyone in Canada looking for someone I can send them his way.

I've been participating in a photo a day challenge  on face book since the beginning of this year.  I also did this years ago when it was first starting out.  Back then it was a small fun thing within Australia.  Now it has become a huge thing world wide with 32.000 members posting their photos each day. Well my photo was one of five selected the other day for the Fab Five for night lights. Its the one down the bottom left. I was stoked being chosen out of 32.000 other photos.  There is no prize just the honour of being chosen.

On Friday a group Bear and I belong to had a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I decided to go as the Queen of hearts,  made myself a hat and bought a RED wig to go with it. 
Once Bear saw the wig on me he was NOT HAPPY as he really loves my hair, goodness knows why as I don't.  Come Friday I dressed up to fit the part, add the wig and the hat then went off to join in the fun. 

Bear was a party pooper as he doesn't really like socialising very much. Luckily in one way Bear wasn't there as all the men were flirting.   ( I didn't flirt back)  Never knew RED HEADS
were so popular, thought it was BLONDES.  I told Bear about it all when I arrived back home and found myself over his knee for both wearing the red wig and having guys flirt with me. Was a fun end to a lovely week.

Its my birthday next month,  our daughters had planned a surprise dinner for me to celebrate as its a BIG 0 birthday.  Our dil has spoilt it by telling me all the plans the girls have made, how SHE thinks we should go to a different restaurant on a different day.  Oh dear be prepared everyone  WORLD WAR 3 is about to start over here. 
So if you hear any loud explosions you'll know its just my family.  We've managed to be one happy family since Bears birthday last October,  it hasn't even lasted 6 months until my birthday.  DISAPPOINTED is an understatement!

End of daylight savings here this weekend, clocks go back an hour at 3am Sunday morning.

  My Bear was a boy scout so has already changed all our clocks and batteries in smoke detectors even though it is 4pm Saturday.  Bit confusing as now I have to think what it the actual time, he always likes to jump the gun and be prepared.

Hope all my blogger friends who are poorly have made an improvement during this week. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoy celebrations with family and friends Please stay safe...