Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ronnies question

My next question is from Ronnie who asks.......

Did you have a childhood ambition? Did you achieve it?
If cost was not a factor, where in the world would you most like to visit?
What is your favourite spanking implement and why?

To answer the first part of your question Ronnie, you better find a comfy chair, relax with a drink and some snacks.  Its a long story but I'll try not to bore you.

My childhood ambition started after helping my Mum when she worked in a special school for autistic children. When I went along to help, I had some sort of magic touch with these children.  They would  communicate with me and not others.

Afterwards  that was my dream job, to become a teacher and work with children on the spectrum.  Come the end of forth form (yr10)  Dad puts my booklist in with his newsagent friend.  Two weeks before school resumes in February, no sign of any of my books.  Dad being hot headed said he wouldn't send me back to school because of this.  I was heart broken. 
He didn't even consider sending me back and discussing with the school what happened.  So I was sent out to find myself an office job instead.  Which was really difficult as my school taught the wrong shorthand for most positions.
The ironic thing about this is I now have a grandson who is on the spectrum.  He is one amazing little boy with his own unique way of doing things.

If cost wasn't a factor I would like to travel the world continually,  in one of those luxurious cruise ships. 

Of course we would be treated like royalty, with everything at our fingertips. That way I can pop ashore to visit all ports along the way and drop into say hello to all my blogger friends.  We have cruise ships come into our port for the past 3 years, nothing this flash though.  This last weekend we had an American ship visit, I was so tempted to stow away to come to the USA.

My favourite spanking implement is Bears softer belt.  He has three, which all leave a different impression.  His softer belt leaves a delicious sting but not welts like his hard one. Its heavenly!
I think  that about covers all your questions Ronnie, thank you for asking. I'm supposed to still be resting my arm and now my AS has gone into a flare.  So I'm bored!  Decided to tackle some answers slowly, to take my mind off everything.  Bear has a really itchy hand as he keeps going to swat me, then remembers it would jolt my back.  Can't wait to get back to normal living.

A big shout out to both Jan and Rosie who are also both under the weather.  Boy we're all falling apart, the joys of getting older.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

Hugs Lindy xx


  1. Hi Lindy,

    I really enjoyed reading your answers. What a wonderful ambition and I would so love to join you on the cruise, although Rick doesn't like being on the water. The belt can either be yummy or not so nice depending on how it is used.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon, sending positive vibes your way.


    1. Hi Roz, I don't like being on the water very much either. My sisters have told me modern day ships are more stable though. So maybe one day I'll brave it. Maybe we could have our own bloggers cruise, wouldn't that be fun.
      Yes I know what you mean about the belt. Think it also the way its used. Bear doesn't believe in half measures.
      Hope you feel better soon also, Take care.
      Hugs Lindy xx

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers. Although you didn't get to follow your heart's desire professionally, life has provided you with a second chance on a more personal level. Isn't it wonderful, how life works?

    1. Thank you Sunny. It sure is wonderful how life works and provides us with what we wanted in the first place.

      Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Hi Lindy, oh how wicked of your dad. That is sad really.Mine weren't keen on my dancing either, I had to wait till I had my hubby to help with that training. Parents!
    I think you don't notice you are at sea on a cruise ship, only when you look outside anyway! Come to England on one, that would be great. A blogger's cruise sounds like fun, count me in
    love Jan, xx

    1. Hi Jan, Oh our parents were mean, not allowing us to pursue our dreams. I probably should have gone to night school to fulfil mine but didn't think about it at that stage.
      I would love to come to England on a cruise or at least have a bloggers cruise. Imagine the fun!
      Hugs Lindy xx

  4. So sorry you did not achieve your childhood dream, Lindy but you could still go back to school. No, I don't want to hear...I'm too're never too old to learn. One of my dreams is to travel around the world on a ship...absolutely love cruising. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks Cat, you read my mind as I was going to say I'm too old. I'm satisfied helping my daughter with her little boy when I can.
      Bear and I are enjoying retirement, so I wouldn't want to go back to work now. (weak excuse I know.)

      You can join our blogger cruise around the world. Would be so fabulous.

      Hugs Lindy xx

  5. I'm sorry that you didn't get to pursue your childhood dreams, Lindy. :( But I am glad that you have a special way of helping with your grandson, and that it brings you both joy.

    Cruising- especially with all our blogland friends would be so much fun! You should have stolen away on the ship to the States! How fun it would be to have you visit!

    Yummy soft leather belts! I hope that you can be well, and back at it soon. Your Bear sounds like his palm is itching! Hope that Jan and Rosie feel better soon too! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. I guess if I had of pursued my childhood dream my life would have gone in a different direction. Therefore I may never have met my Bear. So I'm happy with that outcome for sure.
      I think we need to organize a blogger cruise, would be wonderful.
      Bear is really missing our challenge, I think. Lots of catching up to do when I'm 100%.

      take care.
      Hugs Lindy xx


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