Saturday, 28 November 2015


The school bell rang and all the students filed into their classrooms.  As usual the teacher stood at the front of the class.

'Good morning everybody.'

'Good morning PK.'

Then PK makes an announcement..........

 'It has been brought to my attention that one of our fellow students has destroyed good literature.  This has really stressed me out to the point I think this person should be punished.'

All the students gasped as they couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing.

'Will that person please come to the front of the class and explain what they did.'

  PK said 'I want you to take this note to the principals office immediately. I'm not happy with you at all and you deserve a spanking for destroying spanking literature.  What a sin to commit!'

  Hanging my head in shame I took the note and head out the door to the principals office.

                  Go to the principals office directly, do not pass go,  do not collect $200.

As I walk along the corridor my legs feel like jelly and I have huge butterflies in my tummy.

Knock knock!

 The principal calls out

 Once he sees me he says.....
'not you AGAIN Lindy, how many times have you visited my office this week?  What have you done this time young lady?'

'I destroyed literature Sir, so Pk has ordered me to be spanked.'

 I hand over the note to him and as he reads it he gets a smirk on his face, as he thinks its very interesting she has asked for particular implements.

'So how many stories have you destroyed young lady?'

I whisper 'Three Sir.'

'MMMM sounds like you do deserve to learn a valuable lesson.  Come over here and bend over my desk .'

'Please  Sir can't I just write lines or have a detention?' 

'No definitely not this is too serious a matter, a spanking is called for immediately.'

On wobbly legs I proceed to walk to Principal Bears desk and bend over.

 He raises my skirt and says  
'of course those panties must come down also.'

 I start to protest but he quickly stops me by saying would you like extras young lady?
So Principal Bear puts his finger into the waist band of my panties and lowers them to my knees.

 He grabs the wooden ruler off his desk and starts slowly spanking me. 

 I'm just lying there calmly so he thinks its not making any impression, so turns the ruler on its side and continues.  This produces the reaction he is looking for as I'm now ouching and ooowwwing which he thinks is funny. After giving me a good warming with the wooden ruler he says time to move onto the belt.

'I should use my heavy belt but will go easy on you and use my lighter belt.'

I thank him as I hate the heavy belt.  Even when he applies it lightly it still stings.  So he goes to his draw to retrieve the belt and starts swinging lightly and slowly builds up.  He strikes so hard after a while I'm finding it hard to stay in position and start squirming around trying to avoid the sting which is building up.  Principal Bear is admiring how red it is looking, then ups his swing even harder.  My eyes are starting to water, yet I'm still laughing for some reason.  So he thinks my bottom is too tough and uses more force. On every stroke I'm ouching and trying to move away from it but he continues admiring his handy work.  He loves seeing how red my bottom becomes.

I start begging him to stop saying 'I will be a good girl from now on and won't destroy any literature again I promise. '
 He continues  on for at least another 10 strokes then decides I've learnt my lesson. He lectures me and asks why I deleted the stories.

I tell him 'the stories sound good in my head, then when I come to write them it doesn't look as good, so I lose my confidence and press delete.  All my friends write much better spanking stories and I feel like a failure.'

He is not pleased with my answer that I thought they were stupid and not good enough to be added to PK's  Fantasy Friday blog.
Principal Bear doesn't allow me to put myself down and says...

 'That is a punishable offence in itself.' 

 He thinks my bottom has had enough for one day and assures me there will be another spanking in my near future.

Then to my horror Principal Bear calls a full school assembly straight away, marches me in on very wobbly legs and onto the stage.  He told me I have to make an apology to PK firstly then to the whole of blog land school.

  I turn to PK and say .......

 'I'm so sorry PK for destroying literature and promise never to do it again.  In future I will keep it and revisit it to see how I can improve. Please, please, please forgive me PK?'

PK tells me 'I have to apologise to all  the people out there in blog land who read her Fantasy Friday. '
 'Sorry fellow bloggers for deleting my stories.  It won't happen again I promise. Hope you all enjoy reading future stories of mine. When I recover from this humiliating spanking.'

Have a good week
Hugs Lindy


  1. LOL..I love this..great job...and no more DELETING...young lady..
    hugs abby

    1. Yes I sure won't delete anymore thanks Abby.
      Hugs Lindy

  2. You also need a dose of confidence, Miss Lindy. Share a story with PK, and I am sure she would help you with the rough spots.

    Sending Hugs Downunder!

    1. Thanks Ella. I think Bear has added confidence to my list to work on next year. Intend to share soonish.
      Hugs Lindy

  3. Oh Lindy, if you can make us all laugh with your blog like this then for goodness sake send the blinking stories to PK. We all want to read them!!! We are a very easy to please audience don't you know?
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thanks Jan, I will send the blinking stories in future. LOL!
      Hugs Lindy

  4. I certainly hope you learned your lessen. There are no bad stories - unfinished and in need of polishing some time but no poor story should be deleted. Neither Cassie or PK would exist if I'd waited until I knew what I was doing! I'm still waiting on that feeling.

    1. Yes I have learned my lesson in a very hard way and will not be repeating it any time soon. I will send any future stories your way so you can help me PK.
      Hugs Lindy

  5. Loved the story Lindy! Listen to PK young lady! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks Cat. Yes I intend to listen to PK from now on. Learnt my lesson the hard way.
      Hugs Lindy

  6. :-) I can feel the confidence building... Hugs

    1. thanks Terps, trying to build my confidence still a long way to go.
      Hugs Lindy



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