Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Here is another meme from Ella.  Have you ever, ever,  evers.......

1.  Said something very rude to a doctor during childbirth?

With my first two babies I was very placid and didn't say boo. Then when I was having  my third baby  I let it rip.  I had an older doctor and had asked him not to send Bear out at all during my labor.  So what does he do, sends him out and he nearly missed the birth. I wasn't aware of it at the time but a midwife told me the next day I dropped the F bomb telling him to get my husband back in.

2.  Seen someone pop their eyeball out?

No think I would be sick if I did.  We had a one eyed cat that was bad enough.

3.  Had your stomach pumped?

No and hope I never have to.

4.  Been to a drag show with a very large gay man?

Been to a drag show yes many years ago

5.  Eaten a worm?


6.  Run a nifty, little money-making business when you were 11-12 years old buying girlie magazines for the boys in the neighbourhood?

No my money making was a newspaper for the neighbourhood.  I interviewed local people and did a weekly paper which I sold to them.

7.  Crawled through an underground storm sewer for 5 blocks?

No I'm not a ninja turtle

8.  Lied about your weight?

Yes when both my brother and one of my sisters asked me how much I weighed after losing so much weight.

9.  Needed your husband to help you up the stairs because you were inebriated?

Only on one occasion when it was a special birthday ending in a _0.

10.  Seen a movie star in an airport?

Not in an airport but walking along the beach. 

11.  Walked out of a movie?

yes when we were first married Bear took me to a movie and I was so scared we left.

12.  Sat on a jury?

No been called up but luckily enough we were going away so got out of it.

13.  Told a child, "Because I said so."

Yes more so to my grandchildren rather than my own children.

14.  Ran a cash register in a small grocery store when you were 8 years old?

No I have worked in retail though but not when I was 8.

15.  Wrote a eulogy for a parent?

Not for my parents but Bears mum.  Our son conducted the funeral service and we all said our bit.

16.  Heard a song you were sure was written and sung just for you?

sure have but can't remember it now.  My dad always used to sing a song when I was little went something like 'And your daddies little girl' 

17.  Roasted chestnuts on an open fire?

no don't think I've ever had a chest nut

18.  Eaten 44 shrimp at one sitting?

Eaten shrimps (prawns) but not 44.  We usually have bbq prawns for new years eve.

19.  Thrown all phones in a drawer for the entire weekend?

no sounds like a good idea though.  Maybe that is the next thing Bear and I should do.

20.  Gone on a vacation all by yourself?

Yes and hated it.  I was so lonely so never repeated that experience.

Thanks for the fun meme Ella.  I enjoyed doing this one.


  1. Love your answers! Don't think you would have liked to work for a vet like I did. And I like solitary vacation more than you do, but for the rest I think we're similar.

    1. We always seem to have heaps in common PK, funny that. I prefer my holidays spent with my spanky man. Don't even like being alone at home.
      Hugs Lindy

  2. Great answers learning more about people when they share their answers to different memes. ;) Thanks for sharing yours.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It was a fun meme to answer. It is a great way to learn more about other people, I agree Cat.
      Hugs Lindy

  3. So glad to see your answers! You did a smash up job, too. I loved the picture of the Teenage Turtles. I had forgotten all about them. Try to remember the song your dad sang to you. I would really like to know.

    Hugs Sent DownUnder,

    1. Thanks Ella it was so much fun to do, I really love memes, keep them coming. Wish I could remember the song my dad sung or at least have someone to ask. My son was so into teenager ninja turtles and now the grandsons are.
      Hugs Lindy



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